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‘Nightline’ Takes On Yoga, Sex and Yogasms with Author William J. Broad and NYC Yoga Teacher Marco Rojas

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Sex and yoga. These two go wayyyy back. And they have moved way forward together as well. ABC Nightline News takes a look at yoga/sex connection today and that elusive ‘Sex and the City’ coined “yogasm” (just before Valentine’s Day, how apro-pose!). With willing and able teacher Marco Rojas and science from William J. Broad’s new book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards Dan Harris and the ABC News team get down to business.

Sure we can get bent out of shape over the risk and injuries section, but we know that yoga has many rewards, and perhaps we’ve felt them during more, uh, intimate moments? Marco Rojas says his students offer feedback that their sex lives have improved, though that’s not necessarily the number one reason why they come to class.

New York Times science writer William J. Broad weighs in on the sciency bits:

“I can cite you study after study after study,” [William J] Broad said. “We can go through hormones, brain waves, vaginal blood flow…”

Scientists at Rutgers University are conducting brain scans on women who lie under fluorescent lights, close their eyes and enter states of orgasmic bliss. The physical signs are visible on monitors, Broad said.

“[Y]ou can get into states where you are orgasmic without touching yourself,” he explained.  ”In the clinical literature, it’s called spontaneous orgasm. In the popular world, it’s called ‘thinking off.’”

In other words, yoga probably won’t hurt your sexual life, and in fact could very well improve it. Besides the brain waves, bodily fluids and whatnot, we think the overall body awareness and acceptance we learn from yoga helps us all achieve that je ne c’est quoi, irresistible confidence and sexiness. Is that a half-eaten spirulina bar in your pocket or are you happy to see us?

For more yoga, sex and science talk, check out Roseanne’s interview with WJB at It’s All Yoga, Baby where the convo turns sexy with a trip into TMI territory.

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