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Madonna Reinvents Herself (Again) with Yoga for Super Bowl, and Hydraulic Mat Contraption?

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Madonna, the queen of prolonged career reinventions, has finally expressed herself all the way to the Super Bowl XLVI halftime stage. We thought Madge did a fine job entertaining us in between non-scoring and mostly ‘eh’ commercials with renditions of “Vogue,” “Music” and one of our faves “Like a Prayer” (#lifeisamystery #madonnasaiditbest), oh, and some weird pom pom dance with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. (for new song “Give Me All Your Luvin'”).

We’d suspected the Giants and the Patriots weren’t the only ones preparing for the big day with yoga, seeing how Madonna is a devoted practitioner. We just didn’t know the 53-year-young pop star would turn her pre-game hotel room into a brand new yoga form.

According to Us Weekly, a source says:

Madonna had a hydraulic yoga mat — with a platform that went up to the ceiling — installed in her suite specifically for her stay there.

To stay toned, limber and calm for the show, the singer also had a yoga teacher with her for the week — with the heat pumped up in the room for her yoga sessions.

Wait, a wha? Hydraulic yoga mat, on a platform? ::cue the “missing reel”::

Her Madgesty is so far ahead of the game, we have no idea what that is! Hydraulics are the kind of things you see in construction machinery like bulldozers, fork lifts and cranes.

Look out Lady Gaga, you might have the outrageous outfit, but Madonna’s leading the way in outrageously out there proppage.

Madonna: 1, Yoga World: ?

photo via CNN



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