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Lululemon Killer Sentenced to Life Without Parole

in YD News

via Washington Post. Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy, right, speaks after the sentencing, accompanied by Jayna's brother Hugh McCarthy, left, David Murray and Phyllis Murray. During a sentencing memo, McCarthy had said that Brittany Norwood would pose a "tremendous danger" if she were to be eligible for parole.

A gloomy end and justice served for the tragic murder that occurred at the Bethesda, MD Lululemon store back in March of 2011. Almost a year later, Lululemon employee Brittany Norwood has been sentenced for the brutal killing of fellow worker Jayna Murray with life in prison, no option for parole. Norwood was convicted of first-degree murder 2 months ago where details surfaced of the horrid 330 separate wounds afflicted on Jayna Murray’s body. May she rest in peace.

[Washington Post; USA Today]


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