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Equinox Sexy Yoga Ad Gets Funny Parody, Dude

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You know, as sagaciously analytical as we aim to be sometimes, we can totally take a joke around these parts. So when we saw this parody of Equinox’s Sexy Yoga Ad by humorist Michael Stusser (a contributor to Yoga International and Shambhala Sun) we couldn’t help but chuckle with amusement. Because it’s funny! And if you thought that other video was beautiful…eat your heart out Briohny fans.

Despite the argument one could make that this is more publicity for the sexified fitness chain (we’ve seen racier ads than the yoga one) we’re going to let this be what it is, a humorous response bringing a bit of levity and boxer-briefed cheekiness to all the gravity around exploitative underwear yoga ads for the almighty dollar.

It’s ok to smile. And to be impressed by the stunning accuracy in recreating the scene, the sassy camera shots and oh that handstand. Let your hair down, loosen up your bras folks.



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  • yoginibunny

    Thanks for sharing this. It brought a big smile to my face. Beautiful practice, by the way!

  • This is fantastic! Definitely a much more accurate depiction of “at-home” practice. And oh that handstand! Thank you Michael for sharing your radiant practice with us.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…Perfect. Thanks Dork, have to share!!! I’ve featured Michael’s yoga writing in the past. So glad to see him branch out in video.

  • Dashnj

    Tremendous! 🙂

  • “it’s not sexy, it’s yoga”…that’s certainly true for my practice, too!! LOVE this!

  • Smiling all the way through this one… thank you! I think many can relate to his practice.

  • Feists

    He practices like I do! Not perfect but I give it my best effort! Loved it, also had to chuckle. Thanks for chuckle!

  • David D

    Two things: the tatoo was good attention to detail and the pillow throw at the end was a great touch. Well done!

  • Feists

    Love the improvised use of a bra for a strap….makes you see a bra in a different light. Too funny!

  • Awesome! Loved it so much I wrote a post about it… scheduled for Friday, links back to you!

  • Loved it! Now I know what to use when I can’t find my strap ; )

  • Jen

    LOVE! I truly enjoyed the oh-so clever re-enactment… I must say, I can relate much more to this practice 🙂

  • Pman

    Ah Bakunin. You are truly a renaissance man, crossing all boundaries.

  • LOVE this! This practice was priceless! BRA-kasana, anyone?

  • Such a realistic view of the practice. It’s about finding joy, not perfection.

  • bridget rayfield

    The handstand is like something I’ve never seen before. This reminds me of my practice, but he is very good at it. Visit this site for health solution: http://www.medsempire.org

  • Loved it! I found both videos so inspiring. Everyone’s practice is beautiful.

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