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YogaDork Giveaway: ‘Relax and Renew’ by Judith Hanson Lasater + Beautiful Handmade Bolster

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It’s nearing the end of the first month of 2012 already! And we’d like to remind you in this roller coaster whirlwind of tornado-asana we call life, that it’s just as important to nurture your Yin along with your Yang.

There are just some days when thinking about getting on your mat for several rounds of Surya A and Surya B conjure up visions of torture tactics rather than methods of feelgoodness. Ugh. We know the feeling.

Even still, we may have a hard time slowing things down and taking that time out we so rightly need to chill and relax. Which is why we’re so thankful for restorative yoga and practical resources like Judith Hanson Lasater’s ‘Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times‘. And the props, oh yes, that lovely proppiness to get us in just the right zone and position.

WIN: As part of #365yoga we’re delighted to be giving away 3 copies of ‘Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times‘ by Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT., a practical resource for finding your own deep relaxation for newbies and veterans alike. (courtesy Rodmell Press)

BONUS: One lucky reader will win this beautiful, handmade bolster from Inner Space Yoga. It’s truly an honor to be hosting a give away of YD pal Angela McWilliams’s gorgeous and unique creations. Perfect for meditation, yogaing, lounging or interior deco, because it’s so pretty!

TO ENTER: It’s Relax and Renew Haiku time! NYC Resident Restorative Yoga Maven, Jillian Pransky reminds us, “Tension is who we want to be, relaxation is who we are.” Tell us, in three phrases of 57 and 5, what helps to bring you back from the brink of tension and stress to a state of relaxation and to who you are (yoga-fied or not).

here’s ours:

snuggled on bolster
hot tea brewing, inhaling
love, exhale relax.

3 ways to enter:

1. Post in the comments here.

2. Tweet @yogadork@RodmellPress, @innerspaceyoga

3. Find us and like us on facebook: yogadork, Rodmell Press, Inner Space Yoga

Entries open until 11:59pm January 31st. A winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

UPDATE! The wait is over. Congrats to Bill K and Deirdre R for winning a copy of the book! And a huge congrats goes to Lisa ~ Fat Yogini for winning a copy of the book AND the beautiful bolster. Yay! Thank you to all for your inspiring haikus, in whatever form they ended up 🙂

May you find yourself relaxed and renewed again and again.



139 comments… add one
  • Kim G.

    Relaxed downward dog
    staring up between my thighs
    to my soul’s window

  • Jenn S in DC

    following my heart
    shrugging my shoulders upward
    phone, computer off

  • you are all you need
    yoga brings you to your needs
    all you need, you are


  • PS I also “liked” Rodmell Press and Inner Space Yoga, and tweeted to all you guys! Thanks.

  • Michelle H. in NY

    Empty Crowded Mind
    Relax, Restore, and Renew
    Enter state of Bliss

  • Michelle H. in NY

    I “like” YogaDork, Rodmell Press, and Innerspace yoga on FB

  • Jenny

    records are playing,
    breathing in and breathing out,
    writing for my soul

  • Michelle H. in NY

    And I tweeted @yogadork, @RodmellPress, @innerspaceyoga!

  • Pam

    open up the lounge
    insert self into the seat
    open up a book

  • Cat lays on my leg,
    Purring while she is asleep.
    How can I be tense?

  • Laura

    Love breath- body- moment:
    Accepting imperfection:
    Find strength, trust, release.

  • heather

    Always a long exhale
    hot tea in a pottery mug

  • Laura

    sun toward warrior beams
    electric om warms within
    stand taller, expand.

  • Laura

    returning to breath:
    deep, shallow, searching, center
    grounded in my Truth

  • Laura

    steam rising, give thanks
    sharing sips, bites, socks, fears, oms
    community love

  • Stacey Thomas

    corpse pose on my mat
    mind and spirit free of crap
    smiling blissfully

  • Laura

    renewed in practice
    blanket tucked, palms up, release
    each new day, open, full

  • Scott

    Music in her voice
    Earth breaths renewal for me
    Salute the warm sun

  • Laura

    Ancient wisdom deep:
    Body shaking, trust:
    All passes. Embrace.

  • Robyn

    Deeply breathing in
    With an exhale I regain
    Inner calm and peace

  • Feists

    Focus, Set My Intent
    Breathe, Flow, Breathe
    Calmness flows over me

  • Laura

    imagine earth sky
    ancestral voices echo
    feel rhythm, melt deep

  • Lisa

    my stress melts away.
    husband, friends on right and left –
    beautiful picture.

  • Carol

    coming full circle
    honoring the breath of life
    peace anf joy abound

  • Carol

    typo above

    coming full circle
    honoring the breath of life
    peace and joy abound

  • Carol

    working together
    renewing vitality
    mind, body, and mat

  • Beth

    Breathing in deeply,
    Exhaling all completely,
    Trusting all is well.

  • Susan O

    Pranayama om
    Waterfall for a drishti
    Practicing with friends

  • Reiki,yoga, cats
    Carol’s class with lavender
    Peace love & joy

  • Carol

    assuming a pose
    gratefully seeking the mat
    accepting the day

  • Morning Yoga Sun
    Warm embrace of joyful love
    Breathing flow begins

  • I liked you on facebook!

  • Allison

    Quiet the mind, now
    For the asanas are those
    That bring on stillness

  • Cathy Holmes

    Time goes rushing by
    Mindless, many thoughts, blah, blah
    Mindful focus, ah

  • My mat welcomes me.
    Hips to heels, sinking to earth.
    Ah, balasana.

  • welcome Monday song
    sarcasm flies toward new ease
    laugh at happy space

  • Close my eyes, to see
    The heart space deep inside me
    Just Inhale, Exhale

  • clenched fingers until
    i remember to exhale
    all is well again

  • Rebecca

    Great giveaway! I love the bolster.

  • Marissa Sherov

    hands to heart center
    be in the present moment
    quieting the mind.


  • cindy

    surrender to mother earth
    then inhale exhale
    sweet sun kissing my shoulders

  • monique

    Deep breath – in and out
    Confidence and clarity
    Mind open, want more.

  • Dreaming by window
    Full body stretch, head to toe
    Cuddle with kitty

  • Carol

    reaching to blue sky
    then bowing to mother earth
    I salute the sun

  • Kelly

    take just a moment
    close your eyes and start breathing
    smile and feel the sun.

  • Kimba Carvalho

    Listening to waves crash
    Watching the sunset ease down
    Hope, freedom, intent

  • Anne Marie

    Deep breaths in
    Graceful exhales out
    Restore complete, joy.

  • Kales

    so much depends on
    a change in perspective and
    deep breaths in my soul.

  • Monica

    Sit at the window
    Warm coffee cup in my hand
    Shoulders going down

  • Deborah G

    Long slow smooth in breath
    See with compassion what is
    Long slow smooth out breath

  • Julie Haehnel

    Bolster props me up
    While I surrender inward
    Blissed within my Self

  • Karo

    I am here, right now
    And I am breathing, right now.
    So I continue.

  • Karo

    i liked yogadork, Rodmell Press, and Inner Space Yoga on Facebook!

  • Karen

    Tension melting down
    Sweet prana life-force flowing
    Energy is rising

  • Jen

    Sigh, inhale deeply
    Pet my purring cat, so soft
    Tension drains away

  • Loulou

    legs up the wall pose

    blissfully draining downward

    apana rescues

  • Joshua

    Silence melting in
    The sweet deep sound of my breath
    Like waves rolling in

  • Karen

    oh my, my last line is 6! lol

  • Nytasha

    My boyfriend and I have started doing yoga together:

    Hand in hand with love
    Moving with breath together
    He is by my side

  • maura patrice

    The room, the light, the props are set
    To carry me away
    Then back to ‘not yet’

  • Leslie

    Teaching from the heart
    Witnessing transformation
    Cup over flowing

  • the props are in place
    time is suspended, rest now
    peace is at hand. bliss

  • Relax, supported
    Inhale vital energy
    Exhale, Surrender

  • Kirill

    Shirshasana one
    Sarvangasana on chair
    Shavasana two

  • omiya

    relaxed butterfly
    hips melting, neck releasing
    pure, still and quiet.

  • Allison

    I inhale deeply;
    I let go of what holds me;
    I count my blessings.

    Facebooked (Rodmell Press) and Tweeted! 🙂

  • Megan

    Rolling out of bed,
    hit the mat to start my day.
    Sing my soul, Sing loud.

  • Kirill

    what is full power?
    it is in full surrender —
    bolster, blanket, blocks.

    Sorry, I posted two. 🙂

  • Jessica Elizabeth

    The kids go to sleep
    The television is off
    Yoga then some wine

  • Kirill

    thorax open wide.
    fresh prana uplifts my soul.
    full Setu Bandha.

    Ok, hopefully last one… 🙂

  • Alie

    Earth, sun, grass, wind, trees.
    Nature wraps me in it’s arms.
    I am home, free to be me.

  • yoga studying
    fun Netter’s anatomy
    draw sketch paint learn breathe

    I’m a nerd 🙂

  • Recline into ease
    Release into gravity
    Remember myself.

  • natasha

    pose of surrender,
    nobody doing nothing –
    present. alive. now.

  • Kristen keefe

    Chatarunga to
    upward dog flows back
    Into downward dog

  • long morning practice
    freshly brewed gyokuro tea
    a new day awaits

    (hello, yogadork! please visit again soon. yoga spy)

  • Celene

    Winter sun streams in room
    My special zone of zen motivates me
    To practice reaching better place
    (Is this what a 5,7,5 is?)

  • I tune into breath
    Whether on or off the mat
    To re-find myself

  • Amber B

    Steam. Warm water soothes.
    Bubbles float on top. Pop. Pop.
    Close my eyes and breathe.

  • Leslie

    frost and tight schedules
    yoga and stretching fusion
    running absorbs stress

  • Daphne

    Nature Caresses
    Energy, Light, Sound, Belongs
    Peace, Karma and Love

  • Sarah Ongiri

    today tomorrow
    now i breathe inhale exhale
    now the present breathe

  • jessica callan

    i love him so much
    he goes to yoga with me
    thanks me after with kisses

  • jessica callan

    lets try this again,,,hahahaha,5,7,5 not 5,7,7-oiy

    i love him so much
    he goes to yoga with me
    kisses me after

  • Katherine C

    Pranayama flow
    Viparita Karani
    Savasana, Ahh…

  • Tamsin

    Inhale and exhale
    Sink down into the soft mat
    Open heart, relax

  • marthaj

    inhale, pause, tense, tight,
    exhale, release, soothe, relax
    in prana, out love

  • jacey

    Blanket and bolster,
    Tell me, what more could I need,
    Maybe a book, please?!

  • Steph Markovitch

    Yoga helps me breathe
    hopefully this haiku stuff
    wins me the bolster

  • Backed up, my body
    opens like a lotus bud:
    supta bolsterasana

  • Eyes shut connect to breath;
    Inhale, pause, exhale deeply.
    Presence, namaste.

  • sus

    Breathe life into your Body
    Find Connection and Strength through your Yoga
    Renew and Relax your Mind

  • Bernadette Chan

    I am here right now
    The only place to be
    I will breathe slowly

  • clara

    catch a still moment
    curl the breath into the heart
    release for presence

  • Je

    relax with each breath
    restore body, mind and soul
    renewed and grateful

  • Sarah

    silence in breathing
    mind, for the first time, quiet
    welcome back to myself

  • Belly softening
    Breath spilling down to my toes
    Coming home again

  • Carol A. More

    my thoughts are without
    across my bolster I lie
    peace comes from within

  • Couch, dog, boyfriend, me,
    Nestled in a ball of three,
    Loving harmony.

  • Cheryl Dzubak

    Relax, restore, rest!
    Surrender to peace, calm, joy!
    Give in. Time for YOU!

  • bill kringe

    Peace, calm, relax.
    Lie comfortably on your mat.
    Yoga relieves stress.

  • Diane Pfautz

    Floating on air.
    Cool breath flowing and ebbing,
    Profound abandonment and joy.

  • nita


  • Here we are and breathe
    They tell us all is coming
    Peace and truth arrives

  • identifying the stress/tension, in my body/mind
    becoming present with my breath
    I call on my higher self, to do my best in this moment

  • Conscious of moon, sun
    Abundance in every breath
    All troubles are gone

  • ari

    breathe love, expand wide,
    melt down into your goodness.
    it is all there is.

  • grace

    take a few deep breaths
    settle down into pigeon
    centered, happy, here

  • Sandra Leong

    On sun-shined green lawns,
    Standing on my head, breathing
    I sigh, let go, Be.

  • lentil

    Jai Jai Ganesha
    Helping to carry me through
    Melt the Self away.

  • shari

    the gift of yoga
    Pay attention to your breath
    In the moment now

  • Teri

    See body presence
    Feel mind length from root to crown
    As within yoga

  • deep breath open heart
    within sweet serenity
    on and off the mat

    goddess warrior child
    strength and softness in balance
    full breath surrender

    mindfully living
    here in the present moment
    life’s joyous embrace

    arms extend reaching
    for the stars, feet on the earth
    much more than a pose

  • sink into sukha
    tension displaced, watered down
    floating, drifting, peace

  • Snowyogi

    My lips taste salty
    Why, yes, I’d love a bolster!
    Melt away, deep peace

  • Pillowy clouds – yes,
    Prenatal ladies love ’em,
    Bolster dreams – Jai Ma!


  • close your eyes and breathe
    mind and body drift away
    inner calm is yours

  • Debbie Jean

    legs up the wall, in-
    hale joy, exhale suffering,
    a smile on my face

  • Alyssa

    lying on my mat
    breathing deeply into my soul
    even with the chaos

  • Madiha T.

    Spirit guides me
    To find the answer within
    Through spirit it’s found

  • Nicole Marie

    Time to move slowly
    From the outside to in
    Taking care of me.

  • Danielle


  • kia

    mind cacophony
    you will return to calm now
    I created this

  • Terree Shields

    Soft candle flickers
    Tension is melting away
    Savasana~ bliss

  • Jenny

    Slowly exhaling
    Slowly inhaling, breathing
    Seeing the present

  • harrilyn mills

    please put my name in that hat! tx.

  • harrilyn mills

    sitting straight and tall
    anchored, open, delighted
    hatha two begins.

  • Rochelle

    Savasana clears
    the air and lightens the weight
    of the mind’s burden.

  • Deanne

    breathe in peace
    exhale stress and disorder
    relax, release, just be

  • Making time for me
    Remembering who I am
    Not just reacting

  • Candice Garrett

    breathing in and out
    again and again until
    it at last takes root.

  • Lynne Brooks

    connecting with breath
    surrendering fully
    lovely sensations

  • Dana Antoniou

    elephant bolster
    you support my back just right
    my heart is open

  • Deborah H

    heart is open wide
    half moon pose into the night
    from my yoga mat

  • Vicki

    It would be lovely to win these great items.

  • YAY!!!!!! You just made my day!

    Thank you so much!!


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