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Robert Downey Jr., the Comeback Yogi, with Vinnie Marino

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Robert Downey Jr. Yoga

Robert Downey Jr. for Men’s Fitness, January/February 2012

Robert Downey Jr: a man, an actor and apparently a warrior, two.

There was a time not too long ago when movie star Robert Downey Jr. ventured way too far down the rabbit hole of drugs and addiction, until he miraculously bounced back to be all funny and serious and sexy (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes). There once was a time when native New Yorker Vinnie Marino took that trip as well, but climbed has way back up to become one of LA’s most beloved yoga teachers. Then there was that other time when the New York Times was causing a yoga “wreck”us and crowning Yoga Kings. Remember when?

Downey Jr is the latest celebriyogi to talk about his yoga and have photos printed of his practice. This time via Mens Fitness and the following quote from TIME Mag:

He’s fit, mellow and reflective after a morning of power-flow yoga with his teacher Vinnie Marino, part of what could be called Team New Downey, a large coterie that includes yogis, massage therapists, martial-arts instructors and people who know about herbs. “I need a lot of support,” Downey says, “like Lance Armstrong. Life is really hard, and I don’t see some active benevolent force out there. I see it as basically a really cool survival game. You get on the right side of the tracks, and you now are actually working with what some people would call magic. It’s not. It’s just you’re not in the f___ing dark anymore, so you know how to get along a little better, you know?”

Oh we know. We go to magic class a few times a week. Come into the light, Robert! (ps. nice form.)

Thanks to MindBodyGreen for the heads up.

More info on yoga and addictions: Addiction, Recovery and Yoga: A Film Everyone Should See



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  • Chris


    Nice form indeed, Robert Downey, Jr. !

    Way to go !

    • Halid

      …except he’d better get some decent yoga instruction because that padmasana is going to lead to terribly injured knees…

    • min

      sure if his knees were a bit closer together the form would be nice!

  • “Robert Downey Jr: a man, an actor and apparently a warrior, two.”

    Nice play on words for the Warrior Two photo caption 😉

  • Jeannie W.

    nice warior II. your legs are a little to splayed in your bow pose, but looks like you have a good practice going. Namaste

  • Chris

    If the 5000-year-old Hindu science of Yoga could help Robert Downey Jr. straighten up his act, it could probably help Charlie Sheen too !

    And now that 2.5 men is anyway Sheen-less, it wouldn’t hurt the show any, if Charlie were to go from being a total bad-ass to a mellow Yogi. Plus, he could be the star of his own new Reality-TV-Show, ” Charlie-Yogi”.

  • judy levin

    so great to have some postive press on yoga… one word of advice, pay attention to alignment, it’s so very important. squeeze those legs as if you had a block between them for danurasana (bow) pose and loose the fingertips (and come to flat hand) for lifting in lotus. welcome to yogaville. namaste

  • I agree, it looks like a lovely practice. I’m so glad that he’s on the mend from the addictions and doing so well. And, I’m glad he has a team.

    And his alignment is really lovely. Which is also good job, Vinnie. 😀

  • Robert Downey Jr. rockin’ Warrior 2. How old is too old to have a poster above your bed?

  • Ellen53

    God is he HOT. I’m so glad he’s done with the drugs. He’s one of my favorite actors and seems happy in his space on this planet.

  • Wow, tolasana on fingertips and he doesn’t even look strained. Go RDJ!

  • I love him. ’nuff said.

  • Love him, and his story.

    My cup runneth over :swoon:

  • Gene Evangelist

    There’s only one thing missing –
    the smile.

  • Neighborguy

    Nice article. Yay to RDjr for his yoga practice!

    Interesting that some of the comments I’m reading here come with what can be interpreted as criticism about the man’s form. Some people just can’t help themselves. I thought (one of the many benefits of) yoga was about shutting down the judge-y thinking of the ego…

    • gwen

      Well said !

    • ommare

      just giving him the support he says he needs

    • ommare

      btw, neighborguy, people often criticize in others what they don’t like about themselves. funny how things work out that way!

      • yoginimichelle

        I was thinking the same thing, neighborguy… We don’t know his body, or his injuries, or where his internal or emotional wounds are stored… only RDJ does. More power to him for displaying grace with his physical vessel. *swooning*

        • yoginimichelle

          Oops… Meant to reply directly to neighborguy… yogini hugs and kisses:)

    • DaDa

      Well said, Neighborguy; well said.

  • ommare

    Nice practice, RMDjr! Welcome to the tribe! From someone who learned the hard way, here’s a tip. Contracting the corrugator supercilii won’t help you levitate, but it will make you look like you feel a bit constipated. Letting go of effort that isn’t helping you maintain your pose will help you feel the “light.” 😉 (It’s cheaper than botox, too!)

  • guest

    “people who know about herbs. ” *snort*..oh well. can’t have it all.

    “Downey says, “like Lance Armstrong. Life is really hard, and I don’t see some active benevolent force out there.”
    so he is atheist? nice!! makes him even hotter!

  • My father works with recovering addicts recently released from jail and I am going to show him this article in the hopes of getting a yoga program started for these guys. I really think the inner peace you find through yoga can help the recovery process. Now I just have to convince my dad (and maybe this article will help push the issue!).

  • I love Robert Downey Jr. I am impressed by his ability to change his life and be sober, healthy and focused. I have seen too many people unable to make that change. Yoga has helped me turn around my own insecurity about myself, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, too. Robert Downey Jr. gets to put a public face on what yoga can do in a person’s life.

  • Whitney McDaniel

    I love yoga! And I love Robert Downey jr!!!

  • Wow – what form.

  • jeannie

    For all of you who are hung up on constructive criticism of yoga form: look at yourselves. I welcome constructive advice of my form. Then again, I’m not insecure. Jeannie.

    • melody

      Those who criticise yogis are not true yogis themselves or they are simply just jealous.


  • Jean Nusom

    To Robert Downey JR! You Rock.. good for you.. love your role in the new movie Avengers…. you look great.. you have to feel great.. I do see a sparkle in your eye as well.. a brilliant light about you.. Namastee…. Jeani

  • Mike C

    Very inspiring and makes me even more of a fan for all he’s done and is currently doing. Criticizing form is fine – in a yoga class. This man has his life in the public eye as an accomplished actor, and decided to share his personal yoga experience, in photos as well, and some feel it is a free form to tell him all he is doing wrong? You are judging, not from compassion but to correct him, he could have paid you to be his yoga teacher, but he didn’t, I hope you find peace.

  • melody

    Robert Downey, Jr – yoga?? Oh wow…be still my heart!

  • Sam

    What a surprisingly lovely combination!

  • Tommyg

    Way to go RDJ…What an Inspiration…..So many people die before the Miracle happens…..”One Day at a Time”. What a swell Actor..


  • Mary-Anne

    To be open to share his personal growth and to “own” his past is to be commended and respected. Alignment and form is an ongoing process and every day brings new awareness to the practitioner. I honour him for who he is in this moment and thank him for sharing his practice and thoughts with the world. His gifts are inspiring for all.

  • Robert and Vnnie making it happen. Vinnie Rocks and helps everyone he comes in contact with. Way to go Robert looking great! Namaste

  • Robert and Vinnie making it happen. Vinnie Rocks and helps everyone he comes in contact with. Way to go Robert looking great! Namaste

  • RDJ looks amazing! It’s incredible considering what he has been through. What an inspiration!

  • g t

    yoga works.
    yoga is for balance,in all lifesituations, no need to push.
    a yoga teachers should observe and then help.critizing or not, in order to get no injuries, it is needed to do an asana right.
    a collapsed full lotus is not helpfull, better stay in half lotus then.and yes come to a flat hand, to find your right balance.smile.
    om shanti

  • Good for him. Glad he found yoga to help him.

  • Joe

    He doesn’t see some active benevolent force out there, but then in the light, “you get along a little better.” Isn’t “the light” a metaphor for that active benevolent force?

  • Michelle

    Does anybody with the men’s fitness copy know where his long black yoga pants are from? Please let me know, thank you.


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