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Interview with Laura Sygrove on New Leaf Yoga Foundation’s Yoga for At-Risk Youth

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by Roseanne, It’s All Yoga, Baby.

What does it take to build a successful yoga non-profit organization committed to creating positive change in the lives of youth? Relationships and support, says Laura Sygrove, New Leaf Yoga Foundation‘s Executive Director and co-founder. In this video interview, Laura and I talk about the roots of New Leaf’s work, their Warriors for Peace fundraising campaign, the challenges and rewards of engaged yoga service work, and the importance of supportive networks.

New Leaf is on a mission to bring yoga to youth (between the ages of 12 and 24) who are facing challenges in their lives. Since 2007, volunteer yoga teachers have been going into community facilities and detention centres in Southern Ontario to work with young men and women who are overcoming histories of abuse, neglect, incarceration, gang-involvement, addiction, marginalization and other factors that have led them to be identified as “at risk.” Through yoga and mindfulness meditation, these young people are learning tools to actively change their lives.

Warriors for Peace campaign runs until January 16 and New Leaf is so close to reaching their goal of $30,000. New Leaf has relied on the yoga community for support and funding, and now they’re reaching out to yoga-loving individuals for help. Every dollar matters. Become a Warrior for Peace and donate here.



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