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Yoga Gets a Tech Gadget Makeover…as Lenovo’s IdeaPad

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Lenovo IdeaPad YogaLike we needed another thing to confuse the meaning of Yoga. Ha. Joining other non-yoga things with yoga names like workflow software company Asana, meet the latest in handheld technological distraction devices: Lenovo’s IdeaPad YOGA. It does some super special 360 degree flip thing along with all the other fancy maneuvers of a tablet (ie. iPad) except…it’s a PC! So it’s a full-size notebook/laptap dealie (not the pocket-sized design rumored a few years ago) and is the price of one, starting at $1200, but it has the agility of, yoga? Will it wreck your body? You’ll have to check with Lenovo support on that one.

Here’s a full description for the gadget geeks:

Created for the convergence of professional and personal lifestyles, the IdeaPad YOGA multi-mode notebook introduces an intuitive design that optimizes the user experience of both an ultrabook and tablet across four different usage modes – notebook, tablet, stand and tent. Compared with conventional convertible form factors, YOGA’s patented 360 degree dual- hinge flip design is more stable and durable and enables an overall thinner and lighter hardware design. YOGA is the industry’s thinnest convertible ultrabook measuring 0.67” (16.9mm) thin at 3.1 lbs (1.47kg).  Powered by the Intel Core Processor family with a Windows 8 operating system, YOGA supports eight hours of battery life with up to 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. As a full-size notebook, YOGA’s svelte design includes small but meaningful details such as soft touch rubber paint on the exterior for strong grip, a leather cover on the palm rest, and side buttons designed for easier access for all usage modes.

As a multi-mode notebook, IdeaPad YOGA delivers a comfortable and natural user interaction when using it in any position. To enjoy multi-player touch-based gaming and social media on-the-go, the user simply  folds back YOGA’s screen for a portable 13.1“ HD+ (1600 x 900) tablet with 10-point capacitive touch. For entertainment, reading, and web browsing, users can flip the YOGA’s screen panel into a convenient stand or tent mode that saves space and brings the screen closer to the user. YOGA’s versatile multi-mode form factor strikes an ideal balance between creating and consuming content, while at the same time, offering consumers an optimal experience of a notebook and tablet in a single device.

So you’re saying we’ll have the flexibility to take our yoga anywhere?

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  • hi, U are right
    provide very good service. good job .

  • We have a family member who bought each of their wo year old twins their own Ipads for Christmas…my husband and I were appalled. Not only is it crazy to spend so much money on something that is most likely going to get broken…what ever happened to having a real book in your kids hands? What about playing out in the sandbox or with animals? I think this is just another way that we are straying too far from nature.

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