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Shit Yogis Say, A Comeback Special (video)

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This is pretty funny.

If you predicted lululemon would bounce back into the yoga community’s favor with “namaste motheruckas” after the Ayn Rand debacle and their, almost as controversial, pricey yoga pants, then you win! Sort of. Welcome to crossing the threshold of viral funny yoga videos, lulu, we’re surprised it took you this long. (Even if it is a rip from the original and extremely successful web series Shit Girls Say).

Still the yogasphere has mixed feelings. youtube comments range from:

hahahahahahaha LOL you ar so funny! MultiMini89

Etc. To the less amused.

This video is the purest expression of Lululemon’s Randian insincerity. It will make people laugh, but it should make them think. “Namaste Motherfuckers”? The bastardization is complete. toddcaldecott

This is hillarious… but I don’t agree with putting Ayn Rand quotes on Lululemon bags or $80 yoga pants. MyYogaCam

Notice the Lululemon logo on the mat? This is what the company thinks of people who do yoga. It’s insulting. This is the same company that just put an Ayn Rand quote on one of their bags as a giant f* you from their founder to yogis – he has a very crass attitude about exploiting yoga/pilates to make money selling $80 pants. Don’t support this company, and if your teacher does, ask her/him to withdraw from their sponsorship. venusdesigns

Shit Yogis DON’T say: “Who is John Galt?”brak101a

An effort nonetheless.



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  • Ellen

    I thought this video was hilarious and those that were insulted by it or think it’s putting down yoga really need to pull the stick out. I take my practice of yoga very seriously, but like anything you have to have the ability to laugh at yourself and see the lighter side of things otherwise being in your company is just slightly better than being tortured to death. Who hasn’t listened to a friend go on and on and on about something new they’re doing and has completely become his or her life, and you know what? Most often this person is me!

    I do find myself occasionally saying similar stuff about yoga, maybe not to the extreme the video depicts, but yeah talking about the “vibe” of my class and the latest trend in yoga pants. And yup it’s all kind of silly. However will I stop because I sound a little ridiculous? No way! It may be silly and I might sound like an idiot at times but I love it! So pass the kochuba tea and apples, I’m working on a blockage and need to brush my teeth:)

  • Shit Meditators Say ; http://youtu.be/Zw7941hLpYY

  • They really sell pants for $80? People pay $80 for a pair of pants?

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