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YogaDork Giveaway: Kick Off 2012 and Hydrate with Case of Amy & Brian Coconut Water

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Happy almost end of 2011! Or if you’re reading this from the future, happy 2012! Thus, this is the final giveaway of the year that was 2011. It was a long, quick year depending how you look at it, full of ups, downs, twists, turns, laughter and amebas. Oof. You must be thirsty. Besides, it’s the end of the year and all, so you’re sweating it out one way or another with 108 sun salutes or (feels like) 108 shots of your favorite spirits. Time for refreshment!

Amy and Brian Coconut Juice

WIN: We are delighted to be giving away one mixed case of Amy & Brian tallboys, courtesy of the AB team themselves. It’s 100% yummy coconut juice, no added sugar, no added gurus.

TO ENTER: Well it is the end of the year, time to cut our losses and revel in our winnings, to leave something behind so we can open up for something new, like a new job, new family, or simply a new favorite coconut cocktail beverage. Tell us in the comments something you’ll leave in 2011, to make that room for the something new (you can include that too if you have an idea!) Phrase it however you like. It’s like a juice cleanse, but without all the hassle and pizza cravings.

Feel free to tweet at @yogadork & @amybriannatural or post on yogadork and/or amy & brian facebook pages so we see it.

Entries open til 11:59pm Thursday, Jan 5th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck! And Happy New Year!

UPDATE: Congrats to Chris E! You won! Thanks to everyone who shared their own thoughts, intentions and ideas about what you’d leave behind and what you’re making space for in the new year. We’ll have more like this. Til then, best of luck to you on your continued journeys and thirst quenching! <3 YD

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  • Melanie savoie

    Im going to leave behind the past in order to make room for the present. Ive always had trouble leaving the past behind, so this year im leaving it be!!

  • Noelle

    I am clearing away clutter and toxic relationships. Making room for what ever its next! Probably more yoga!

  • Joneymi

    I’m leaving behind my over spending in order to be able to save for a nice 2012 vacation or a possible wedding 🙂

  • Clearing out a stagnant work situation to open the door for new possibilities and a fresh start in a new city!

  • I leave behind emotional baggage that used to keep me eating/spending unwisely, to leave room in my life for joy AND to leave $$ in the wallet so I can buy more Amy & Brian’s!

  • I plan on leaving all that no longer serves me!

    • YD

      sounds like a good plan. would a case of coconut water help you with that? you won!
      keep an eye out for an email. congrats!

  • KAT

    I will be leaving my bad sleeping habits in 2011-time to start getting up with the sun and enjoying light and life more!!

  • Brooke t

    Leaving fear behind to expand my capacity for love

  • Tiffany

    to move forward in all aspects of my life…and spend even more time on my yoga mat.

  • Amy

    I’ll be leaving behind the 30 pounds I gained and spending niore time on the mat!!

  • I’m going to leave behind wasting time on the internet…after I win this contest, of course 🙂

  • ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡

    leaving behind the 2011 clutter and starting 2012 well organized

  • H Walker

    I’m leaving behind excuses not to do projects that I already have the pieces to complete.

  • Feists

    I am leaving behind self doubt (in regards to my yoga practice) and surging ahead to take my yoga to new levels. Also I’ll be leaving behind some of that extra weight I’ve gained this past year.

  • Emily

    I’m leaving behind old beliefs about what my body should look like, welcoming my new postpartum self!

  • Bernadette Chan

    I’m leaving behind my fears and what ifs about getting injured while training! Gotta trust and get out there!

  • I will leave behind perfectionism to make space for relaxation.

  • Mark holland

    Gonna leave my job for a much better, new one!

  • Marisa

    I’m going to leave behind all of that white stuff–(especially white sugar) to make room for a healthier way of being!

  • I am ready to give up the fear of trusting myself. Next year is about taking the new job and trusting myself to be competent even when I feel like I am doing nothing correctly.

  • Barbara

    I’m leaving behind my self criticism, my evening pints of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream and giving myself the benefit of the doubt I readily give to others.

  • I will leave behind falling asleep in front of the TV/on the couch. It sounds silly, but I hardly watch any television because the moment I start getting into something I relax and fall asleep quickly. It it not pleasing to my boyfriend, we don’t get to enjoy movies together & it’s kind of a problem for me. Anyhow, I would love this coco juice! 🙂

  • ari

    I’m leaving behind excuses. I think that should open up lots of room.

  • Diane Pfautz

    I leave behind small-mindedness, pettiness, envy, hate, discrimination of any sort and hope the World will do the same.

  • Jessica w

    I’m leaving a rental and moving into our very own house. Making a commitment to myself to keep a daily practice of yoga and meditation to stay healthy mentally and physically. Nourishing my spirit and listening to what I need. Here’s to a healthy 2012!

  • I’m leaving behind a city in 2011. I was feeling rather stagnant and lusty, so I moved from DC to NY to follow my yogi dreams. Here’s to many coconut waters along the way!

  • Leesa

    I am leaving behind being off my mat, working too late, and eating ALL the wrong food in 2011 ….to listening to my body & spirit, to leaving work at a decent hour ~ to walk my dog, to getting on my mat to attend my Bikram Yoga class regularly and eating better foods for my spirit & beautiful temple…to making me Happy & Healthy in 2012… 🙂

  • Carissa

    I am leaving behind indifference to make room for a more passionate life!

  • Sara P.

    I am going to leave behind some anger I have at a couple of family members. It is time to let go!

  • Elizabeth

    I’m leaving behind my crappy, fast-food-filled, processed junk diet to make room for a new, tasty, healthy diet of wholesome traditional foods. It’s time.

  • mollyogini

    I’m letting go of internal negative dialogue (particularly aimed at myself) and making space for love. 🙂

  • Jeannie

    I am leaving behind the unhappy, unhealthy, spiritually depleted me, and focusing on my new path of health, happiness, peace, love, and light.

  • Planning to leave behind overconsumption in all of its many forms and welcome more love in 2012! PS – I love this stuff…

  • Sarah Ongiri

    Leaving “occupy everything” in2011 to occupy 2012…last time I will say it I swear!

  • I’m leaving behind sugar & fear.

  • Terree Shields

    I’m leaving behind my tendency to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, both figuratively and literally (my yoga poses often creep into my neck and shoulders). I am ready to lighten my load!

  • Anton

    I’m leaving behind self-deprecation and focusing on the negative. 2012 will be about finding inner peace and happiness!

  • Claire Myers

    I am going to leave behind all of my thoughts on my yoga practice, and focus on a marriage between the heart and lungs <3

  • Destiny

    Leaving behind busy to make more room for play!:-)

  • Katt

    I’m leaving behind the notion that I’m only as good as what I’ve already done. I still have a lot to accomplish!

  • Maryellen

    I am leaving behind all negative feelings and energy to make more room for positive ones 🙂 With the help of yoga of course!

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