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Top 11 YogaDork Posts of 2011

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Wow, what an incredible year. 2011 was chock full of new beginnings, in YogaDork Ed and Yogopinions, snazzy infographicsscientific developments, yo-gaga popness, incredible cuteness, hilarious funnies, creepy and odd revelations and of course controversiality. It’s been a fantastic #365yoga days with you all.

3,007,714 extraordinarily yogadorky pageviews later, here we are. Where are we?

Here are the Top 11 YogaDork Posts of 2011 based on traffic, comments and overall stir in the yoga community bloggyland. (Vote on your fave below!)

1. A Word On Tara Stiles, The New York Times and Yoga Snobbery. “We’re proud to host a site where yogis of all kinds can come and share their voice. Let’s keep the conversation going. Why else are we here?”

2 . Mick Jagger Trades Drinking for Yoga, Healthy Diet, Beauty. “‘It’s too debilitating to drink a lot, so I use other relaxation techniques. I sit on my own, calm down, take stock.” Rolling Stone and recent Sanskrit singer Mick Jagger isn’t just all fickle rockstar about Indian traditions.”

3. Anusara Exodus: Elena Brower Exits After 10 Years, Christina Sell Retires Certification. “Elena Brower, yoga teacher, studio owner and empowered woman of self-startingness has announced her departure from big daddy John Friend‘s formal Anusara certification.” (bonus: Elena tells us why in her own words.)

4. Murder and Assault at Lululemon Bethesda, MD in Suspected Burglary Attempt.”Bethesda, MD. Police are still on the search for two masked men who murdered one employee and assaulted another in what is suspected to be a burglary attempt…” (The suspect, a co-worker, was later arrested and found guilty of first-degree murder).

5. Adam Levine Bares Naked Yoga Bod for Cancer (photos). “Yowsers no trousers! Hey Maroon 5 fans, or man fans for that matter, lead singer Adam Levine wants to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers and will bear his naked yoga bod to do so.”

6. Are You the Next Top Yoga Journal Cover Model? A Call to Action. “Revolution is afoot! In actuality, it’s happening all the time – evolve and revolve – but as we approach a new dawn in the era of modern day yoga, the spirited yogadorks have spoken and are moved to unite in peaceful protest.” (And so the YogaDork Gallery was born. And lives on in awesomeness.)

7. Now THIS is What We Expect Lady Gaga to Wear to Yoga (photos). “Gaga doesn’t skip out on her yoga practice while touring, and apparently she doesn’t skip out on an opportunity to flash her outrageously glitztastic gawk-worthy getup.”

8. Hot Mess: Bikram Sues Yoga to the People for $1 Million. “Bikram is pissed. And when Bikram is pissy, you can bet he’s suey! He’s accused Yoga to the People of “directly copying” the Bikram sequence. And so, he’s suing, for a million dollars.”

9. Lululemon Goes Ayn Rand Ideology to ‘Conquer Epidemic of Mediocrity’. “Goals do not die easy! This time, with a literal attack on the antagonistic of mediocrity, Lulu has launched another controversial ship into the sea with the new “Who Is John Galt?” shopping bags.”

10. Meditation Can Be Better Than Pain Pills, Study Finds. “Good news all ye meditaters! Not only will you have a calmer, clearer mind, you’ll have less pain. Or so a study on the effects of meditation and pain relieving suggests.”

11. ‘An overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ Flowchart! Updated!. “Oh, how we love charts, especially flowy ones about yoga history.” Just one of the many awesome charts and infographics by Alison Hinks.




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  • Mick Jagger, what a legend!

    Adam Levine… A little bit of a poser maybe? I do like like his music if I’m brutally honest though..

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