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Yoga Burglar Arrested!

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Have you seen this boy?

If you think yoga studios are free from petty crime, think again. Oh yes, yogi neighbors sweating on your mat is a horrible sin punishable by dirty looks (and karma, biznatch), but it gets worse! This man was allegedly caught trying to steal $500 from Bikram Yoga in Burlington, VT (Vermont, nonetheless!) When confronted by an employee he tried to flee, but was soon seized by several courageous students, who tackled him to the ground with their super-Bikram bonsai powers, we’re sure. Well, if yoga can save a woman from a bear

Nathan Doyle picked the wrong folks to mess with, but he’s lucky yogis have mercy and compassion. Oh wait, it’s a Bikram studio?

Heh. Aw, we kid the sizzlers!

We don’t enjoy reporting on this stuff, but seriously, yogsters, lock it up! Not just your bandhas, eh?

[Burlington Free Press]



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  • At least he knew to go to a studio that was raking in the cash?

  • Vision_Quest2

    Lol … and I thought teachers’ and studios’ worst enemies were the students who were perceived as “freeloaders” and Grouponers, etc.

    Does not surprise me one bit …

    Wasn’t it Willie Horton who said the reason he robbed banks is because “that’s where the money is …” ?

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