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World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher, Bernice Bates, Stretches it Out (video)

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“It gives you a good outlook. It involves your mind,” says Bernice Bates, 91 year old yogi, and recent recipient of World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher title, who starts her practice before she even gets out of bed in the morning. “Your mind, your body and your spirit. They all work together and they’re all coordinated. Whereas when you’re on a treadmill, that’s all you’re doing, and you’re tired when you’re done. We build energy in our body, we don’t take it out.”

Inspired by her story, her quotables and her expansive yoga career, we now have video! Go on, Bernie.



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  • I want to be her when I grow up!

  • Dottie

    Tao Porchon Lynch is 93 and still teaching. Check out her website. These women are both so inspiring.

  • She is fantastic! Adore her.

  • esther marie ventura ferencz

    SHE is wonderful. God Bless HER~~~~ gee think I may follow her routine….Look at how fab she is at 91. Congratulations Bernice. I am a North Roylaton High grad. Know your son Bob…How proud he is of YOU his MOM! 🙂

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  • Hazel

    You are wonderful and an inspiration keep on going and good luck happy yoga.

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