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Santa’s Christmas Yoga Routine – Free e-book

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“Santa’s Christmas Routine” is a free e-book and cute story from the folks at SangaYoga, about a boy who helps the jolly man and his bowl full of jelly salute the sun, touch his toes and therefore make it through the chimney to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls. Yoga saves the day once again!

“We wanted to show how Santa could enjoy yoga as part of his routine without giving up being Santa — and he could even eat cookies!” the book’s author and illustrator Romi Walker told Yoga Journal.

Crap. Does that mean he won’t like the spirulina flax crackers and peppermint kombucha we’re planning to leave out this year? He enjoyed them last year! At least somebody did. Hmm.

Download the e-book and some of their cute cards here.



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  • Makes sense to me that Santa would HAVE to do yoga. How else would he deliver all those presents and keep his composure?

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