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10 Best and Funniest Yoga Videos of 2011 Feat. Kitties, Rappers, Yoga Girls & Adam Levine

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Yoga videos have become the new cat videos! In 2011 we’ve seen more hilarious new yoga clips popping up on the interwebs and our manipura chakra is all the better for it. And when yoga and cats came together, woo boy, it was a video cutenirvanaxtravaganza! Here are some of this year’s best and funniest.

1. Yoga Cat Surya Namaskar Adorableness (video)

2. Adorable Kitty Yoga (video) has us in stitches every time.

3. I Need a Yogi For a Homey

4. This Yoga Teacher is Batshit Crazy (video)

5. Watch ‘Whole Foods Parking Lot’ Hilarious Rap, Yoga Pants Included (video)

6. Whole Foods Rap Incites Beef, Revenge of Black Prius (video)

7. ‘Yoga Girl’ Music Video, ‘Whole Foods Parking Lot’ Dude Returns for the Ladies

8. Yoga Girls of the World Sassy Response to ‘Yoga Girl’ (video)

9. Yoga Class: Where’s YOUR Head At? (video)

10. Adam Levine Shows Us His Rocker Yoga Moves (video)

OK 11. shhhh Yoga? Breakdancing? Pure Awesomeness – Incredible Video

Bonus: 2 of 2010’s best
Savasana: The Movie, What Really Happens When Quieting Your Effing Mind (videos)



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  • The Whole Foods videos seriously crack me up. 🙂

  • Joe

    First 2 were good. The rest are an affront to humanity and should be deleted.

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