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Trouble Meditating? Pop the Ultimate Chill Pill

in YD News, YogaHaha

Having trouble meditating? No time to clear your mind? Take the ultimate chill pill! Some brilliant kooky minds concocted the answer to all your “NOT thinking” problems, now available in liqui-gel form on the interwebs. Just pop the pleasure pill for immediate bliss out relief. Because who’s got the time to relax your mind?

Beware the side effects.



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  • I had no problem sitting at the same time. I ache at the back of the hip often. Sometimes I have to talk a while and then sit back, new
    If you do this, it makes me cool it would be nice.

  • I’m sure if it were available, people would take it, people pop pills for everything else.

    Read an article by a dharma teacher who said, people are too lazy to be still.

  • It’s a very useful technique.meditation is healing

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