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Yoga Cat Surya Namaskar Adorableness (video)

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Think you have distractions on your mat? Meet your Kitty Vrtti. Get that monkey, er cat, off your back. Or not 🙂

This furry friend knows a thing or two about persistence, and sun salutations, apparently. Thanks to It’s All Yoga, Baby for this kitteriffic find.



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  • Jen

    Wow. And I thought my cat was particularly “helpful” with my practice!

  • Feists

    This is such a neat video! Thank you for sharing!

  • don’t remember where i saw this, but glad you posted it

    my favorite part, how the kitty presses itself into the small of her back on the backbend, snug snug 😉

    our old kitty was a master, just like this one 😉

  • JR

    This reminds me of my kitty! (If only this yogini reminded me of myself…) My Oona loves to ride vinyasa from plank to down dog but, most especially, likes to sit on my stomach during boat pose. It actually helps!

  • Jen

    This is brilliant! My cat loves to join too but I think we both have some training to do after watching this! 🙂

  • muddie

    Very cute! Can someone tell me the name of the music in the video please? :o)

  • cute!

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