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This Week In Yoga: ‘Yoga Girl’ Rocks, Stephen Colbert on Lululemon, Bikram Sues Again

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Happy December! And here we are. It’s like these last 11 months have flashed before our very eyes faster than you can say Kardashian Divorce Because of Naked Yoga Incident, oh and because they knew each other for five minutes before getting married. Zip! Don’t blink.

As we tumble towards the end of 2011 we reflect back on a year that closes with the chilling tales of Naked Yoga with the Kardashians, an Ayn Rand/Lululemon ideology tea party, and news that, according to the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist, we, you and everyone with an affinity for J.K. Rowling are pretty much doomed to hell. But have no fear, dearest yogsters, at least with Adam Levine, proud celebriyogi and decent pop singer (*ducks*) we’ll be in good company. Cheers to that!

A quick announcement! Before we move on to this week’s proceedings, we have a winner for the Ultimate YogaDork T-Shirt Design Contest. Behold the winning design, with 45% of the votes, ‘Dorkasana’ by Emily L!

Click here for full info and details on the pre-order discount. Yay!

Now without further ado.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

And because we could all use a good talking to about our posture. Take this one standing up.



This Week In Yoga: Lulu BooBoo, Yoga Darling Adam Levine, World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

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