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NY Post: Yoga Studios New Match.com for Millionaires and Trophy Yogis

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Warning: Rant.

Getty Images, NY Post 'shopped.

First off, Trophy Yogis? Really, NY Post? Way to demoralize and insult an entire professional demographic, whittling yoga teachers down to inferior golddigging blingy-mudra’d arm candy. (we warned of a rant). This story on said “trophy yogis” with ginormous diamond rings (obvs. see pic) could have focused on the increase of hedge-funders more actively seeking spiritually compatible companions or how millionaires, CEOs, rich dudes and the like are tending to their wellness as much as their bank accounts.

But, no they chose to point to “decidedly firm butts” “toned arms” and the sultriness of when the yoga teacher’s “skin glistens with sweat and their breath intensifies” in class, rendering them utterly irresistible to wealthy male students. “No wonder men are falling for yoga teachers,” we’re told. Have the media all decided yoga classes are big orgies or what?

OK, we agree, yoga teachers are damn sexy. Whether women or men, we often find our teachers to be confident, thoughtful, compassionate and deeply inspired and empowered human beings, which undoubtedly, is a major turn on. This is clearly what Bentley Meeker, owner of a multi-million-dollar lighting firm, found when he met madame yogstress Elena Brower. Bentley is, indeed, a wealthy man who finds comfort in the honesty of their relationship.

“I can talk to her about lighting—and enlightenment,” he says. “I can tell her my deepest [secrets] and that gives me the freedom to tell the truth.”

Did you hear the part about her hot ass and perky breasts? We missed it too. We’re also pretty sure Ms. Brower, newly-freed studio owner and queen of mass yoga events, is doing quite all right for herself. As much as it’s an insult to female yoga teachers, save for this quote, male students are painted as downward facing horndogs who can’t handle a yoga practice without erecting more than their spines. The bright side (we’re positive yogis after all) is that there are more people doing yoga, including rich single guys, that yoga teachers are hot and that spirituality can be a perfect Yenta.

“If you have a hedge-fund client, it’s a good way to get a big fish,” says Pure Yoga’s Marco Rojas. Nowadays this may be true, and honestly not the worst thing when trying to make a living full-time on yoga gigs. But we like to think yoga teachers have enough practice in viveka (discernment) and self-respect to look past the shiny lure to divine the fishes or the pond scum.



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  • Vision_Quest2

    Well, the elderly rich guys they attract don’t have to slip on a banana peel for these latter-day Anna Nicoles … they could just forget their yamas for a second and an inversion could be let gone wrong!

  • GoodnessGracious

    Any time anything goes mainstream in America the ensuing devolution is inevitable…

  • why is anyone surprised at this considering the way yoga is portrayed and advertised in this culture?

  • Meri

    If the world wants to see us yoga teachers as being sexy and worthy of spending rich mens money on, have at ‘er. But they’ll get a big surprise when the teacher is actually a lovely and genuine person that will most likely make a positive influence on someones life.
    Almost makes it like a sweet revenge to defy the image!

  • markd

    Ha! Been there, done that. No more.
    When I find out someone is a Yoga teacher, that is pretty much a deal breaker for this guy. The Yoga teachers I’ve gone out with occupy a mental space somewhere between a high-end bartendress and a topless dancer.

  • Scott

    Have to agree with Linda. One look at the pachyderm blogs place (not its real name, no free adverts here, those who need to know, know who i’m talkin bout) will let you know that many yogis and yoginis don’t even care that yoga and porn are presented side by side. When we clean up our own act, then maybe we will be viewed with more respect.

    • “When we clean up our own act, then maybe we will be viewed with more respect.”


  • Gina

    I wonder how much the newly minted millionaire, Elena Brower, can really be relevant in this dialog?

    • Vision_Quest2

      Well, you could say, in more ways than one, that she made her money the old-fashioned way …

      I can assume yogis don’t deal in derivatives or mortgage-backed securities or – aside from the occasional unconscious instruction-based flim-flam – anything that the 99% could have an issue against …

  • Hey markd – you coulda just sed she dumped you before you dumped her – it woulda been more understandable on many more levels. But I think you’re right – it’s definately us yoga teachers to blame – not the men who lust after us.

    • FYI, I never hit on the Yoga teachers I went out with. They came onto me. (No pun intended)

      • Vision_Quest2

        Based on how many of the young ones do business with selling and marketing unneeded instruction, I am not one bit surprised …

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