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Stephen Colbert Warns of Lululemon’s Ayn Rand Influence on Yoga, Hilariously

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Stephen Colbert, on ‘The Colbert Report’ gives a tip of the hat to Lululemon over the Ayn Rand predic-ridic-ament. This is pretty priceless if you appreciate a bit of poking fun.

Nation, with Lululemon’s endorsement it won’t be long before Ayn Rand’s philosophy makes its way into yoga classes across the country and we start seeing new poses like:

‘Looking-Downward-on-Others Dog’, ‘Government Deregulating Cobra’ and ‘Bend Over and Take it From the Rich’

Though we don’t quite believe Mr. Colbert isn’t into yoga. We have photographic evidence.

Link for Canadians! here

[Via Elephant Journal]



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