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This Week In Yoga: Lulu BooBoo, Yoga Darling Adam Levine, World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

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Hey have you heard the one where rocker Adam Levine defies the Vatican Chief Exorcist by practicing yoga, shopping bags pedal ‘dangerous’ ideologies, and the world’s oldest yoga teacher is a sweet woman from Florida named Bernice? Welcome to This Week In Yoga! No kidding folks, sometimes this stuff could write itself, but we rather enjoy posting it up on YD and sharing our words. We hope you do too!

Whether you’re still tripping on tryptophan or buzzing through cyber Monday we recommend you take a gander at this year’s YogaDork Holiday Gift Guide 1) because it’s got some awesome ideas for giving and receiving this season 2) it took us a long time to put it together for ya!

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Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Damn it all to hell. A brand new meaning to ‘devil-may-care’? Yoga and Harry Potter ‘Evil’ Satanic ‘Magic’, Says Chief Vatican Exorcist

photo via changebarack.blogspot.com

The Lululemon “John Galt” bungle gets bunglier:

And inciteful – Lucy vs Lulu:

Let there be goodness, holistic goodness. Donna Karan Launches Zen Therapy, Holistic Care, Yoga at UCLA Hospital

And goodness gracious. His hotness gets hotter in headstand. Adam Levine Shows Us His Rocker Yoga Moves (video)

There may be a few elder yogis in the world, but Bernice holds the awesome at 91 world record in our book. World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher Still Teaches Yoga, Sets World Record

And of course, the winner of the Karma Warrior Tee Giveaway will be announced shortly!



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