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Kim Kardashian Does Nude Yoga, Ruins Marriage with Kris Humphries

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Are you keeping up with the Kardashians? Because, who isn’t? If you were upset over the shortest marriage ever, and the subsequent divorce between NBA bro Kris Humphries and “celebriyogi” Kim Kardashian, then you might want to grab your zafu and sit down for this one.

Last night’s premiere of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” revealed that naked yoga may have led to the demise of the two publicity love birds. Don’t say it’s true!

The scene: Kim decides to hold a naked yoga sesh in her hotel room for a few lady friends – harmless! They strip down, though only the strapping yoga teach has the balls to get totally nude, and then…oh no! Hubbie Kris walks in and freaks out! ‘How disrespectful!’ he shouts, “gross!” he exclaims. Kim defends her nudie yogi and tries to quell the rush of anger, but it’s too late. Marriage ruined.

Did the naked yoga put the kibosh on the K’s marriage?? Or was it the fight over destroying a manicure? A spat over where they would raise children? OR that they only knew each other for 8 months before tying the knot and are super duper fame hogs that don’t get along after all but it makes for dramatic TV?

Either way, an American tragedy.

Watch the video clip here if you dare.




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  • Chelsea

    Kris had a right to be upset. If Kim had walked in to see a woman naked teaching Kris yoga, she’d have put him out.

    The marriage was doomed because they don’t know each other. Kim can’t be with anyone who doesn’t jump at command.

  • all I saw were the shoes one of her gal pals was wearing to do yoga….

    • …and actually I thought it was creepy. I mean, the women have their clothes on and the dude is walking around naked. how is that any different from a bunch of men working out with a naked female fitness teacher walking around?

      from what I’ve read about Kris and how he treated her, he’s a douchebag, but yeah, I get why he would be upset walking into a room where a naked guy is with his girlfriend. I don’t know too many guys would be cool with that….

      • YD

        ha! the shoes bugged me too. Full disclosure, I know the teacher in the episode and he is NOT a regular naked yoga teacher, but rather a very well-trained and knowledgable Ashtangi.

        Linda, have to say I’m digging your earnest comments on this one.

  • Ceazer of the night

    The Kardashians are all dark liquor, not filter cigarette smoking leg slingers….They will all be fat asses in about 5-7 years, blow all their money away. Brunette Anna Nichole Smiths. Cant stand these whores.

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