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Adam Levine Shows Us His Rocker Yoga Moves (video)

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“Weights made my neck thick, and I would be like, ‘I’m turning into a monster!’ Yoga takes what you have and moulds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel.” Adam Levine, who gets ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and his nakedly posed bod to raise awareness for prostate cancer, by a regular practice of yoga, he tells Details magazine.

The Maroon 5 lead singer is all about his pre-concert ritual.

“Playing a show before thousands of people is a highly unnatural state. When I get on the mat and do an hour of yoga before the show, I come out physically relaxed,” adds Levine.

Coincidentally, Mick Jagger also does yoga to get moves like Jagger.

Curious what type of yoga Adam does?

Sometimes the poses are slow and repetitive: “For me, that’s a form of meditation,” Levine says. Other times they are muscle-quiveringly difficult: “He’ll take me on a friggin’ obstacle course of yoga.” All of it, he says, adds up to “an investment in happiness for the rest of my life.”

His teacher Chad Dennis mixes it up:

Ashtanga: The basis of Levine’s routine, this relatively high-speed style relies on a set sequence of poses and emphasizes continuous movements in between. May be too much for the beginner.

Vinyasa: A less intense version of Ashtanga, this focuses on synchronizing the breath with the movements that connect the poses.

Jivamukti: Combines a movement with music and Hindu spirituality. Levine steers clear of the dogma but is into the music and the physical flow.

Iyengar: A slow-moving style that is based on poses precisely held, often for extended periods of time. Dennis has created his own higher-energy version.

Anusara: This melds Iyengar’s clinical sensibility with a Hindu-derived spirituality. Levine does lots of Anusara-influenced chest-opening postures.

Check out the vid where Adam demos some of his yoga moves and chats up the benefits he’s found from a regular practice. No, he’s not naked!

Oh and here’s a video in case you’d really like to watch Adam Levine do yoga in a kitchen.



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  • JeffreyD

    He looks like some guy who has never exercised in his life but stays thin by smoking cigarettes.

    • Vision_Quest2

      … or drinking Kombucha

  • feists

    I am never impressed just because a celeb does yoga. Yoga isn’t about the “famous” doing it.

  • I’m gonna get all John Friend up in here – I think he needs a bigger mat. Definitely a wider one.

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