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This Week In Yoga: Bikram’s Vitamins, Top 10 Yoga Cues, Tea Party LuluPants of YogUtopia

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Step right up, yogis! Get your daily dose of prescribed vit-a-min-asana and be transported to a land of YogUtopia! Where everyone’s butts are perfectly vacuum-packed, melted hearts and fluttered butt cheeks rule and mediocrity lives in blasphemy! No, it’s not Anusaraland.

In a time where cement-injections are being used to enhance butt curves and we’re being handed anti-mediocre ideology references on our shopping bags, YogUtopia doesn’t sound half bad. Of course, we may be moving towards a ‘Brave New World’ dystopia rather than the land of yogi dreams where we’re having tea with a zombie Ayn Rand’s past, the ‘greatness’ of Chip Wilson’s presence and the ghost of Bikram’s sweaty ass past. Wait, is this what happens in ‘The Hunger Games’? Don’t tell us!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Speaking of birth. We’re proud to announce we now have a doula dork in the house! Have you had experience with doula-ing and yoga either as a mama or a practicing doula? We’d love to hear about it!



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