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Bikram Will Now Make You Sweat AND Sell You Vedic Vitamins

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And where the fitness regimen goes, so will the vitamins and supplements follow. Not only can you get your profuse perspiration on at Bikram class you can chase it down with partnered coconut water and sponsored ayurvedic supplements. Bikram yoga has announced its collaboration with a supplement company called Natrol, Inc. and will now offer their Vedic Mantra(TM) products at nationwide studios, competitions, conferences and via health magazines.

So when he’s not on his throne, badgering other yoga styles, suing people, threatening Elvis’ legacy or lobbying for yoga to become an Olympic sport, Bikram is a business gangsta making moves!

Says The Don, Bikram Choudhury:

“We are very pleased to partner with such a prestigious company as Natrol to promote high-quality, unique nutritional products for the benefit and convenience of Bikram Yoga students and teachers.” He continued, “Vedic Mantra connects the ayurvedic and herbal lifestyle with the yoga practice.”

Which we assume does not promote Bikram’s own daily diet of a single meal a day (chicken or beef, no fruit or vegetables), only water and Coke, and two hours of sleep a night.

The 10-product line is based on what are deemed by Natrol and Bikram as the “five key principles of yoga”  – nutrition, relaxation, breathing (pranayama), meditation and exercise (asana) – and contain herbs to “enhance OR maximize the benefits of the product’s nutrients.” The supplements are for things like antioxidant support, digestive support, energy support, healthy cholesterol support, heart health support, joint support, etc.

We’ve never used the products, and haven’t reviewed the full ingredients, but we imagine they must contain healthy doses of tiger blood, the tears of an albino elephant and the sweat squeezed from the loins of Bikram himself. *

*not confirmed actual ingredients.



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  • First Lululemon meets Rand, now Bikram meets vitamin and diet pills. It’s YogaDork heaven. Er… nirvana.

  • K3

    I was a member of a kung fu school that started promoting their own line of herbal remedies. It was all downhill from there – the only people still going are the ones who also buy into “health products” MLMs. Guess that’s where the real money is.

    Unrelated – what’s up with the permanent Lady Gaga top story from July? Is she a sponsor or something?

    • YD

      re the second part: nah, just lazy and/or time-deprived mgmt depending how you look at it 😛

  • Banana Republic Resident

    Whatever it take$ to get the $ucker$ to buy so he could add another Rolls Royce or Bentley to his collection.

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