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Russell Brand Wears Katy Perry’s Clothes to Yoga Class

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[Because you wanted to picture Russell Brand in womens clothing…]

According to a fellow student as told to Us Weekly, Brit funny man, Russell Brand wears his wifey’s clothes to yoga class, specifically her “skimpy gray T-shirt and formfitting sweatpants.”


Because “What’s hers is mine!” quipped the celebriyogi brit.

Also…”Women’s clothes fit better!”

You heard it here first, dudes. Lady clothes, or not, it’s all yoga to us. We won’t judge. Unless we see you in the above outfit, or this.

What do you think, Alec?



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  • It actually would have been better with an actual photo. THAT would be funny.

    • YD

      we do the best we can 🙂
      paparazzi have to respect the yoga, of course.

  • JeffreyD

    Google Imaged him…wow that is an effeminate man.

  • David D


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