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This Week In Yoga: Elena Brower Quits Anusara, Lulu Murder Verdict, YogaMatMcRibs

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Man, it’s like these days are just getting shorter and shorter. Daylight must be saved! Yes it’s dark at 5pm, but we won’t let that keep us from eating all our halloween candy for dinner shining the light of our pre-holiday spiritude. This week was full of surprise resignations, scenes from a horrific lulu murder and fake-ish meatlike substances concocted from yoga mat materials. Are we approaching yogapocalypse or will the dawn of darker days lead us to toward freewheeling transformation and enlightenment? You’re asking us? That’s one for Deepak’s video game Oracle!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Firstly, a PSA: Would you rather eat a McRib or your Manduka? How about both! McDonald’s McRib Shares Same Ingredients As Your Yoga Mat

Also tough to swallow: Lululemon Co-Worker Guilty of First-Degree Murder, Faces Life in Prison

Now you too can know what it’s like to take shrooms and meditate with the awesome power of technology. Sneak Peek: Deepak Chopra’s LeelaVideo Game, Meditative Simulation, Virtual Serenity

Oh and this happened: Anusara Exodus: Elena Brower Exits After 10 Years, Christina Sell Retires Certification

And this: Why Elena Brower Left Anusara, by Elena Brower
In her own words. Check out all the comments.

Remember when people stood up for what they believed in? Here’s a reminder: Video: Yogis #OccupyLA with Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, Saul David Raye and more

And of course, our palette cleanser to fill our cup and keep us inspired, Senior Iyengar Teacher Carrie Owerko brings us YogaDork Ed: Embracing Obstacles, All Nine of Them

AND THE WINNER IS…See who got the most votes in our Annual YD Halloween Photo Contest!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Friday night to the benefit for Off the Mat, Into the World. You rock! If you couldn’t make it, check out all the photos from J.T.Liss (Photography for Social Change) here.



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