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This Week In Yoga: Experts Talk Anatomy, End War, Reduce Back Pain, #OccupyLA

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Happy November! Can you believe it? Though by the looks of the Northeast you’d think we’ve skipped Halloween and headed snow plow first into winter. The ghosts of blizzards past have paid their visit early this year. Did you forget to do your graveyard pranayama for good luck? Gee Willikers, people, do you want it to rain zombies too? At least we have higher hopes of them throwing in a savasana here and there. Corpse pose. Get it?

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

  • Happy Halloween! Or you know, Skeleton Yoga Appreciation Day: Spooky Skeleton Yoga (kooky photos)

YogActivism Update: Who’s heading off their mat into the city of angels? Yogis descended on #OccupyWallSt and an all-star team is led once again by Seane Corn set to take on LA.  Breaking: Yogis Take Off the Mat to #OccupyLA Nov 1

Last chance! Did you dress up for Halloween and/or live your daily life in costume? Snap a pic and send it in for the YogaDork Halloween Photo Contest! Win a $50 gift certificate to spend on ANYTHING in the Drishti online shop AND $25 to spend on Guayaki goods. Sweetness.

Welcome to November y’all.



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