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YogaDork Halloween Photo Contest!

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So Halloween is upon us. ACK! Did we scare you? Yes it’s that time of year when all the boys and girls dress up as their biggest yoga nightmare! It’s also time for the annual YD Halloween Contest! OK creative, creeeeeepy yogadorks, this is where we get all Bob Saget, “AFV” Assignment America on you.

The rules are simple: send us a photo of yourself, preferably in costume, in a yoga pose. The photos will go up for a democratic vote on Monday the 31st, and the one with the most votes gets an awesome prize! (TBD, but we promise awesomeness because that’s how we do. UPDATE: first part of the prize, $50 gift card for anything you want from Drishti online yoga shop! AND $25 to spend at Guayaki’s online store!).

Email pics to info@yogadork.com or post to the facebook page. We’ll take entries til the 11th hour Sun night/Mon morn, Mon night/Tues morn (since it’s Halloween) and all photos will be featured in the YD Gallery. Have some fun!

Last year’s winner is pictured above: Graveyard Jeff is Six-Feet Above Ground in Urdvha Padmasana in Sirsasana! See all the runners-up here. Can you out-ghoul them, yourself this year?



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  • How-do-you-do! I have discovered wonderful ideas 🙂 Continue the good work!

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