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This Week In Yoga: Haiku Beg Your Pardon, Batshit Yoga Teacher, Halloween Contest!

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So there wasn’t a Rapture (Redux), but honey buns of shakti, we shall make like Belinda Carlisle and find heaven on Earth! We know when life hands us non-Apocalypses, we make sweet yoga with Antonio Banderas. Er, in other words, let go of your attachments to the ‘heretofore’ and ‘future’ and be in the NOW. It just so happens our now is inhabited by meditations of Tony downdogging in his Puss and Boots character. What? That’s not true. Alec Baldwin‘s here too!

Seriously folks, we can still use our vritti-tastic imagination – vikalpa – yes? And we hope you will as well when we ask you to participate in the annual Halloween Yogi Contest! Yay! (last year’s winner below; see all of last year’s top entries)

The rules are simple: send us a photo of yourself in costume in a yoga pose. The photos will go up for a democratic vote on Monday the 31st and the winner gets an awesome prize! TBD, but we promise awesomeness. Email pics to info@yogadork.com or post to the facebook page. Have fun!

And now…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

First, the Freaky File!

Latest in the Yoga Heroes dept:

You might need to seek legal counsel for:

Treats for tricks: Giveaway! Win a Private Yoga Session from Zeel.com – Register to enter and get a $50 credit.

Congrats to the winner of the Jewels of Saraswati Giveaway, Christine! Her haiku:

tree tops tip’d in red
bicycling through suburbia
sky glowing with light

The winner was chosen at random, but there were so many beautiful haikus! And beautiful non-haikus, yet poetic expressions just the same. The question was, ‘how do you ground yourself?’ and the prize, a groundingly gorgeous jasper mala from Jewels of Saraswati. Keep reading below for some of our favorite cozy fall entries. But first, just because you didn’t get the giveaway doesn’t mean you didn’t win. This week we’re featuring a YD Deal: 20% (already reasonably-priced) yoga bling of Jewels of Saraswati. Woohoo!

Haikus without further ado. Some of our faves:

I begin the day
In silent meditation
Then some chocolate

rooting my feet in
the earth is the way i say,
“love you, gravity.”

The early morning dew
A big pot of veggie stew
And end the day with Savasana for two

don draper, that cad
samadhi in crisp white shirt
what else do you need?

the heat of my breath
as asana transforms my
tendency to weep

Singular moment
of recollection (eyes closed);
passing the cemetery

autumn’s gust carries
a single golden leaf through
my open car window

landing on my seat
the sad/glad passage of time
on passenger-side.

I watch leaves awaken
into Chrysanthemum tea
and drink in the fall.

~ J.Tang

Thanks to all who entered! Read all the lovely poets here.

Coming up…BIG design contest. Stay tuned and in the know. Sign up for our free newsletter!



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