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Yoga Brings Peace, Self-Esteem to Homeless, Addicts, Survivors of Abuse

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Now for another edition of Yoga Heroes: To read and watch over again for shining inspiration.

Down at the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center in New York City, volunteer yoga teachers Sylvia Rascon and Jocelyn Stern guide their students – people struggling with drug addiction, homelessness, unemployment or all three and more – in asana and Metta meditation, sharing loving-kindness.

Via CNN:

“One of the participants, Dorila Morales, struggled with domestic abuse and drug addiction. For her, yoga is not just exercise. It is an integral part of her life. Dorila told me she’s watched the people in the class change. They let go of their anger and fear and they become her friends. They watch out for each other, whether it’s a yoga pose or life’s daily struggles.”

“Before I had low self esteem. I was always sad. Yoga gave me the light within me. Yoga helped me with my inside. It’s awesome.” ~ Dorila Morales, recovering drug addict, domestic abuse survivor, current yogi, clean 9 years.

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