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Antonio Banderas: Hot Tamale at 51 With Yoga

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“I smoke, which I shouldn’t do, but I do yoga and I think I eat well. And I try to be in harmony with my life. I am not too anxious to get anywhere anymore. When you are content, I think it helps you feel good and to look good too, I guess,” 51-year-old studly Spanish actor and star of Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘The Skin I Live In’, Antonio Banderas, tells UK’s Hello! magazine.

Hello! Smoking might not be working for you, ‘Puss in Boots’, but we’re happy you’ve got the yoga thing down. Content looks good on you.

And Antonio is also totally cool with wrinkles and all that aging stuff.

“I prefer to let life take me wherever it’s going to take me. Wrinkles are welcome, because they mean I have lived a life. If I looked in the mirror and saw somebody I was not supposed to be, then I would freak out,” señor ‘Desperado’ continues.

He who welcomes wrinkles as a sign of ‘life lived’ can be our Masked guru any day. Breathe a little deeper and put down the stink sticks, Zorro!

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  • I like your positive attitude toward life. Life is all about living it. However, I do disagree with your smoking. I have never smoked in my life (I am 53 by the way) and not planning to do so in the remainder of my life. I don’t think you should do the “bad” things just because your life wants to take you there. But that just me.

    I do yoga and read <a href=http://www.theyogareviews.com<yoga books. I swim and lot of it. I enjoy every bit of my life but firmly believe only a healthy life is worth living.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • David D

    I agree with him on this much: wrinkles and grey hair are earned and should be welcomed.

  • “Antonio is also totally cool with wrinkles and all that aging stuff” –

    yea, i can relate to that 😉

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