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This Yoga Teacher is Batshit Crazy (video)

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Warning: You may be appalled, amused, and/or embarrassed by the following. Or a combination of all three!

The epitome of frenzifried vrittis, this yoga teacher has her ego in her butt and her head in her asana. Her Oms are eardrum-piercing Arias and her frantic teaching style will twist your nadis in a knot.  In other words she’s a bat shit crazy!

Perhaps you’ve met? If any of this looks familiar in yoga class, get out of there fast!

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  • YogaDawg

    Does anyone know who this is? This is brilliant and think she is a great actor. Would love to see a series of these. Would be more amusing then the Inappropriate Yogi.

    • Hey YogaDawg,

      that’s my best friend, bridget barkan. . . actress/singer/writer—i’ll let her know you think that; or maybe she’ll see this herself. either way—she actually is more hilarious than this character in her every day life, which makes our life together, quite amusing.

      • Thanks Jessica. I thought she might have done some acting. I see so many of these youtube things and they come off kind of amateur but this one stood out. Tell her YogaDawg says hi and to make some more of these. She knows how to do yoga humor. Best.

      • David-also

        Laughed till I cried. Showed it to my wife – same result. This lady is hilarious. I teach and I’m thinking of smacking people on their shoulders and poking them in the third eye during savasana. Well…maybe not. Funny stuff. Thanks to your friend.

    • Eden

      The video was written, directed, and edited by the hilarious Toni Nagy. Check out http://www.tonibologna.com, as well as her articles on Huffington Post!

  • JeffreyD

    The channel has some funny stuff. I liked “Baby Pilates” and “Indiana Jones Meet Lindiana.”

  • Whoa. Oh goodness. Hilarious.

  • Yogini5

    I would take yoga from her … after she joins and attends Toastmasters regularly for a year … they—plus a lot of yoga—may fix her presentation skills … way down deep she’s got a little substance …


    Advanced Toastmaster in another life …

  • When I get tired of teaching and want to retire I’m gonna go out like that. Girl was Gangsta!

  • Sam

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  • db

    Love this!

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