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YogaDork Giveaway! Win a One-of-a-Kind Jasper Mala from Jewels of Saraswati

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Happy harvest yogadorks! Oh, you mean you’re not out gathering your crops to sell at market for the cold winter months to come? Pfft. No worries, we’ve got just the thing to carry you through the Vata season. Or help get you back and cozy on the ground, rather.

WIN: A handmade blue sky jasper and rosewood bead mala courtesy of Jewels of Saraswati. It is hand-knotted (double-knotted) on three specially coated fray resistant yellow/brown thread. The beads are 6mm blue sky jasper rounds and the guru is a hand-carved Indian rosewood bead. This mala can also be worn as a necklace, if desired. A mala is a string of beads, traditionally 108, and traditionally used for yoga practice, meditation, or japa (prayer repetition).

TO ENTER: Blowing through the air like autumn leaves? No wonder, it’s vata season! (The element of air). Which is why this grounding Jasper stone mala is perfect for your needs. Since this is a favorite season for some of us, let’s get poetic.

Simply tell us in the comments what keeps you grounded this time of year – a yoga pose, a hug from a loved one, a night at home in your jammies with a glass of red and ’30 Rock’ reruns (ahem) – and put that in haiku form. Typically haikus are 3 lines (5,7,5) but we’re cool with poetic license and won’t deduct for extra syllables.

Additionally, you can enter on the YogaDork facebook page or Jewels of Saraswati’s page.

Bonus funsies: Practice the method you mentioned over the course of the giveaway and see how you feel.

The Giveaway is open through the end of day Sunday, October 16th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Have fun. Good luck!



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  • lewaletzko

    Mmmmm…my first though is the food. It is time for gnocci, baked apples and hot cider.

  • A nice long, quiet yin practice!

  • Hot tea in my hands
    Maybe after asana
    An open window

  • walking on barefeet
    pausing on crunchy wet leaves
    deeply connected

  • a warm cup of soup
    finding strength in letting go
    deep belly breathing

  • Kate Shipp

    A walk in the woods
    Crunching the leaves while smelling the pines
    Connecting with my inner divine

  • Jessica

    Smooth kirtan drumbeats
    Vibrate through the wooden floor
    Ecstatic chanting

    I went to my first kirtan the other day, and it was an amazing grounding experience – especially the vibrations from the drums. Been following your blog for a little while, but this is my first post!

  • red and golden leaves
    smells of pumpkin spice drifting
    gath’rings filled with love.

  • Jen B

    Fresh apple cider
    Leaves glowing in the sunlight
    Time for flannel sheets

  • Melissa

    Seated in easy,
    You lift spirits and center,
    You bring my soul peace.

  • Watching the leaves fall
    Knowing they’ll nourish the earth
    I prepare for rest.

  • Gigi

    A chronic daydreamer, I now work harder at trying to remain present during day-to-day occurrences. These beautiful fall days offer so much beauty that it is easier to remain grounded. For instance, my morning dog walk I concentrate on how the breeze feels on my face, how it moves the bright & colorful leaves, how the sun feels on my back, how the light reflects on the river surface, I try to be fully aware of all sounds- breeze in the trees, moving water, the cries of the water fowl, the sounds my dog and I make on the path… etc. Simply- be present.

  • Kat

    Reading on the couch
    Kitties snuggling at my feet
    Blankets and cuddles

  • Ah, fall asana
    winds calling to my ego:
    just let go and play!


  • laura

    my ashtanga practice

  • Eliza

    warm, nourishing food.
    feeling my feet on the earth.
    practice everyday.

    (thanks for the giveaway!)

  • nicole marie

    I definitely try to do a lot of yoga and pranayama.

  • Kate Linkhorn

    hot apple cider
    swirled with a cinnamon stick
    after a long walk

    : )

  • roasted winter squash
    cinnamon apple cider
    let’s sleep in today.

  • snuggling on the couch with my Cubs blanket, watching 30 Rock reruns. despite the suggestion in the post.. it really is my favorite! i’ve seen the first 5 seasons like.. 4 times now. it’s pretty serious. 🙂

    • Sorry, haiku form:

      snuggling on couch
      Cubs blanket all around me
      Alec Baldwin’s eyes

  • Asana and tea
    Om shanti shanti, peace
    Cat in lap, so calm

  • funkiaa

    warm duvet cover
    snuggling with lovely kitties
    and yoga of course

  • Monica

    soup simmers on the stove
    children jumping in the leaves
    fire in the hearth

  • the hope of seeing
    family on thanksgiving
    gets me through the cold

  • Rachael

    Sandalwood incense
    Mulling cider on the stove
    Mmm, Bhaktasana

  • va

    hi , is your giveaway open to all countries ?

  • It’s Spring in New Zealand
    The wind is crazy intense
    I sat with mountains

  • opportunity
    knocked when my teacher needed
    help at studio

  • Smell the fallen leaves.
    Breathe crisp air.
    Let go of your troubles.

  • Trine Lise Bye

    Compairing my hands
    with orange leaves
    I am one with the earth

  • grateful introspection
    leaves turning sunlight fading
    welcoming evenfall

  • KrisG

    rays of light
    shadows on the ground
    sun salutation

  • sky

    Chilly autumn air
    Standing tall in mountain pose
    My toes hug Gaia

  • Therese

    early walk to work
    seeing animals playing
    leaves me feeling calm

  • Being outside in the Fall weather. Appreciating the harvest moon in the wee hours of the morning, the chill in air, the clean, clear air after a rain, sleeping with the windows open….can you tell I love Fall?

  • Adam

    A morning meditation with the autumn breeze passing lazily over me.

  • Barb

    Fall is my favorite season of all. The trees changing color and the sounds of the breeze blowing the crunchy leaves on the ground. The fresh clean air … no humidity, bonus! I leave my leaves on the grass until after Halloween .. seems more like Halloween to me. And, of course, apple cider and donuts! Plus, my birthday is October 30th 🙂

  • long walks in the gorgeous weather…and a hot cup of tea once I’m inside…

  • Singular moment
    of recollection (eyes closed);
    passing the cemetery

    autumn’s gust carries
    a single golden leaf through
    my open car window

    landing on my seat
    the sad/glad passage of time
    on passenger-side.

    I watch leaves awaken
    into Chrysanthemum tea
    and drink in the fall.

    • [bah, cuteoverload is NOT my website! although, I wouldn’t be against it]

  • Jess

    desk job bores my heart
    brisk walks take in autumn hues
    deep breaths all the time

  • Dalia

    warm oil abhianga
    and a hot, hot shower
    softness is the key.

  • Moving my spine lots
    Pug and husband, loving me
    Breathing in and out

  • Nicole Winterberg

    Gorgeous fall morning
    Leaves crunching under my feet
    Running down the trails

  • Feeling like a tree
    My brown eyes peacefully closed
    Deep and serene breath

    (+ I follow Saraswati’s + your page)

    Namaste to all!

  • Shanley

    Mountain pose outside
    Barefoot as the monarchs fly
    On their journey south

  • Jodi Plaia

    Gathering myself.
    Body, mind, heart, soul as one.
    I breathe. Just breathe. Breathe.

  • Chris

    My yoga teacher
    Rubs lavender on my brow
    In savasana

  • KHBride

    The leaves change color
    Air gets cold; fireplace is warm,
    With love and snuggles

  • Wendy Maines

    start of asana
    practice, sits bones rooted firm
    spine tall. breathe in deep.

  • Smelling crisp fall air
    And wet earth under my feet
    I walk out and pray

  • dayita

    a flickering light
    and heat on a small scale
    candles through Samhain’s dark

    (i found the only way to beat SAD in my northern clime is not to fight it. when the days are short, my body and soul need rest so i switch from electric light to candles. it has worked pretty well the last 6 years or so 🙂

  • Mark

    The early morning dew
    A big pot of veggie stew
    And end the day with Savasana for two

  • Wet hair, socks and sweats,
    Just showered I cuddle Mom,
    Kappha’d and bliss’d out!

  • Shannon

    Handknitted wool socks
    Fireplace blazing with cocoa
    This is my autum

  • Nenette

    I begin the day
    In silent meditation
    Then some chocolate

  • Allie B

    It is in this time
    Pigeon pose always opens hips
    And then I relax

  • Meri

    Lazy morning up I wake
    Coco oatmeal nourishment in the soul
    Melodies and passionate gestures


  • Salma Borg

    breath back to the self,
    mantra for peace and good health,
    open heart and mind.

  • Jai Jai Ma Om Ganesha,
    Simple morning mantra to start the day,
    Relax and stretch my psoas.

  • kellee

    Inhale then notice
    Exhale and intend
    Camel pose and wide leg forward bend

  • tree tops tip’d in red
    bicycling through suburbia
    sky glowing with light

  • One Community
    Came together for a cause
    Spirit is Alive.

    *Inspired by the amazing community we had at The South Florida Yoga Aid Challenge. Together we raised over $40,000 for yoga charities!

  • don draper, that cad
    samadhi in crisp white shirt
    what else do you need?

  • The children play, The waning sun
    Translucent leaves, green, purple, red, orange and yellow
    The flowers beg for one more day

  • A hot cup of tea… 🙂

  • Celene

    Plan dream and visualize many
    Vacations in warm sunny and peaceful climes
    Now find money fly away

  • lynn

    cashmere wraps come out
    canonball dives mounds of leaves
    pumpkin latte sips

  • H Walker

    Sit outside with tea
    butterflies dance on a cool breeze
    grown garden delights

  • Cleansing the body, Hatha against Vata,
    in Thailand, is my way!

  • I find openness.
    Grounding in the earth tonight.
    In Savasana.

  • Jbpturner

    Spice of glowing flame.
    Kapalabhati ignites.
    Snuff. Prana rises.

  • Meryl

    Recipe For Staying Grounded:

    mind silent and still
    lotus meditation seat

  • chris

    rooting my feet in
    the earth is the way i say,
    “love you, gravity.”

  • shannon

    work in the garden
    makes the body tight and sore
    yoga undoes that.

  • Amy

    root vegetables
    @rootofshe chakra #yoga
    liquid sunshine #bliss

  • Elizabeth Gallo

    grounding haiku

    apple picking, fall
    pumpkins on my stoop,
    tune in to my feet

  • Teri

    Ground me with the beats
    from Jai Uttal’s kirtan:
    shanti…. shanti… ommmmmmm

  • Snuggling under a blanket
    Before a crackling fire
    Drinking soothing tea

  • delicious warm food
    pumpkin spice on ev’rything!
    and homemade soups too

  • Chandra

    Fresh baked pumpkin bread
    Warm hug of cozy sweaters
    Smell of crisp cool air

  • Staycie

    Hiking in the crisp fall weather, lots of meditation, and alone time keep me grounded

  • grounded is funny
    simple and yet difficult
    always it’s through heart

  • yoga for morning
    an afternoon brisk walk lunch
    evening cats cuddle

  • Lynda

    my favorite warm, cozy socks
    Ra Ma Da Sa,Sa Say So Hung
    4 beautiful children such love

  • Penelope

    Warm furry body
    Nestled in my arms, calm breath
    flows between us both

    Having a good snuggle with my dog is always a grounding experience 🙂

  • solo dance party
    barefoot in my living room
    with the cats watching

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