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Yogis, Seane Corn, Off the Mat #OccupyWallSt [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

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The yogactivists have arrived to #OccupyWallSt!

“My heart is open, my mouth is ready, the hair is big, and my friends are waiting. Got everything I need to join in and change the world!!!!!” Seane Corn announced Monday morning before leading approximately 100ish+ yoga folk and surrounding yogific protestors in a call to action.

It was a gathering of female heavy hitters as queen of mass yoga Elena Brower, who just back from leading thousands in Paris to promote non-violence, the spicy, charismatic Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus, and even our celebriyogi activist of the week Russell Simmons joined in the cause (the only standout dude, mind you). And the cause is?

“Love. Justice. Unity.”

Which was chanted as the yogsters marched together, which was a good idea since there was no room for an asana practice save for an extra long Tree Pose.

“This is something we must do. We must care. We must commit. We must act. We must stand in solidarity for 100% truth, justice, equality, and love. 100% of the time.” – Seane Corn, #OccupyWallSt.

With just a few days notice, yogis trekked in from the outer boroughs to unite on this beautiful fall day in NYC. It wasn’t a Paris yoga du force, but the energy was charged with NY attitude. Besides, everyone setting up shop or squatting downtown in protest was already practicing yoga, Seane stated, because yoga means union.

Seane declared they weren’t there to offend or divide, but rather show support.

“We’re here to support the men,women, and children who are suffering the hardships.”

“This gathering is not about being “against” something or someone. It is about being FOR unity, freedom of speech, and justice. OTM supports all societies rights to express dissatisfaction and ask for change. This is what we GET to do and is a right that we should cherish and protect. I am not for the 99% and against the 1%. I am for the 100% getting our shit together and remembering we are ONE.” Seane Corn, wildly-maned co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, advocate for human rights and overall genuinely enthusiastic person.

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See the gallery below:

Did you go? What was your experience? What do you think of yogactivism?

photos courtesy of J.T. Liss (Photography for Social Change)



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  • David-also

    I met Sean last week in a workshop at Kripalu. She is passionate, intelligent, knowledgeable and completely dedicated to service. I’ve seen the comments here saying what yoga is and what it isn’t. If you live your life as a yogini/yogi then nothing is left out – it’s all yoga. To do it any other way is to place limits on your practice. This is my understanding and belief, I don’t mean to lecture. But if I understand yoga as a path to living my life to its fullest, most honest expression, then maybe I find that as a yogi I have to take it to the streets from time to time.

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