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Breaking! Seane Corn to Lead Yogis Off the Mat into #OccupyWallSt

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We speculated and now it shall be! While Russell Simmons, Michael Franti and Deepak Chopra made the news and joined the efforts of #OccupyWallSt, we were curious if any and which yogis would throw down their mats in solidarity. Enter yogactivist Seane Corn! We shouldn’t be surprised that the empowered maven of yoga Off the Mat would follow her good friend Franti and make this an opportunity to “speak our truths” (as Seane would say) down on Wall Street. According to the official invite:

Yoga is about finding your voice and taking a stand. At Off the Mat, Into the World we believe in expanding our yoga beyond the studio and out into the world. Join Seane Corn and yogis from around the globe this Monday, October 10th, for a practice of solidarity, community, and change on Wall Street.

Together, let’s demonstrate yoga in action.

Monday, October 10 · 11:00am – 12:00pm

Location: Tree of Life Community Altar, Corner of Liberty and Trinity, New York, NY

RSVP on facebook.

Do you agree? Will you be there?



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  • Andy

    Yoga is about taking a stand? Never heard that one before.

  • JeffreyD

    Yoga is about white women in their 20s & 30s getting skinny-fat because they’re afraid of weights.

    • Sarah

      that is seriously the most hilarious thing I’ve read in days. Why read a yoga blog if you are just going to hate? Doesn’t seem like time well spent.

  • Does Yoga really belong in the political area? The West should consider creating a new yoga as distinct from the concept which derived from ancient cultures. Then create a new name for it and then go out and do anything in the name of that.

  • Hope you’re going and can give us a report!

  • Naive Hippies

    So yoga is about a protest movement who’s members who won’t clean up after themselves, who block traffic, who engage in anti-Semitic slurs, who defecate on police cars, who show questionable hygiene, who use class warfare rhetoric right out of the 1930s socialist manuals, and who engage in clashes with the police? Got it. Let’s all do a Revolved Triangle in support.

    Just because there’s a protest and people aren’t bathing doesn’t mean something good is happening. And just because people mouth the word justice doesn’t mean that they are seeking it.

  • Sherri

    Ban The Bandhas!

  • yoga is about unity and equality we all deserve 100 % we are all beautiful individuals with talents and gifts . Yoga enlightens us to to get off our mats inspired share our love, truth and passion with world. My personal yoga practice has empowered me as woman with disabilities, columnist and a disabilities rights activist.

  • I hate to be a huge party-pooper here (OK, not really), but some of us have been taking our yoga “off the mat and into the world” before anyone ever heard of Off the Mat.

    It is too bad that I and the women to whom I teach to at the domestic violence shelter don’t get photo ops or the backing from any celeb-New Agers. Because if we did, maybe I’d get some donations from people with dough like Russell Simmons in order to be able to start a yoga therapy program at the DV shelter. As of right now, I can barely get anyone — and that includes people in my small, local “yoga community”, i.e., teachers — to spread the word about my yoga fundraiser for the shelter.

    Occupy Wall Street? how about your own backyard?

    • Tammy

      My guess is that it’s your negativity. You come off jealous.

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