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Meet YogaDork Educator Carrie Owerko, Her Thoughts on Watermelon, Donald Trump

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Earlier this week we introduced the first post from our newest YogaDork Educator, Carrie Owerko. We are so honored to be featuring the teachings of such a highly respected and revered senior Iyengar teacher. But everyone knows that. Here Carrie clues us in on some little known fun facts. Read on!

YD: What was one pose you were originally not so fond of but have now grown to love?
I was not so fond of Salamba Sarvangasana when I first began to practice. Now it is like coming home.

YD: What’s one yoga book you couldn’t live without?
The yoga book(s) I cannot do without are The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and (of course) Light on Yoga.

YD: What’s your favorite post yoga snack?
My favorite post practice or teaching snack is some refreshing coconut water and/or fresh, cool slices of watermelon.

YD: Who’s one celebrity you’d love to see start practicing yoga?
I would like to see The Donald (Trump, that is) practice yoga.

Stay tuned for more informative posts from Carrie Owerko in YogaDork Ed!



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