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YogaTuning: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

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YogaTuning: Wherein the genius of passionate songwriting meets the sanctum of our yoga mats. Om, ice baby.


Vanilla Icing the Yoga

In honor of all the #OccupyWallSt beeswax, and our poor impressionable 90s brains, we invite you to…

“Stop, Collaborate and listen”

This is an easy one. It obviously refers to yoga sangha, and is actually quite a lovely mantra when you think about it. If Vanilla Ice dawg only knew! Word to your Maha Maya.

*yes this is utter silliness and fun. it’s ok to smile.



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  • Love! And did make me smile đŸ™‚

  • Banana Republic Resident

    Make me smile it did—until I turned down the volume and made me LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

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