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Michael Franti Joins #OccupyWallSt with Jam Session, Deepak Chopra Leads Meditation (photos + video)

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Put on your drool catchers and positivity hats, because yoga darling Michael Franti has joined in #OccupyWallSt. According to the codpinknyc tweets Mr. Franti “came to listen,” but heyyy since he already had his guitar on him…

Unfortunately, the NYPD broke up the jamboree, but not before Franti got in some reverse rabble rousing pop tunes and a cowboy hat. He also shared some inspiring words about showing up and sticking with the mission, along with Franti-esque turns of phrase like “even near wall street there’s a crack in the sidewalk where the flowers grow.” Obviously not your Radiohead crowd.

UPDATE: Here’s an interview with Michael Franti from GroundedTV

And here’s yoga homeboy Deepak Chopra leading a two-minute meditation, which is actually more of a “ask yourself what world you want to live in” call and response kind of deal.

As the protest draws more attention from popular public figures (Russell Simmons et al) we have to wonder when popstar yogis will take the podium. MC Yogi? Bikram? J Fri? Stay tuned.



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  • JeffreyD

    OK we get it, yogadork is sympathetic to the “banks are so yucky” protests. Anyway it’s not really yoga so why is it every other story on this site? Surely you can take just about any major world event and find some kind of obscure yoga connection, but it’s not-really yoga.

    Interesting not-really yoga tidbit I learned today: Mahatma Gandhi wanted to start a regiment of bodyweight exercises, so he went to…Charles Atlas, who gave him some pointers.

    • I’m afraid you’re definition of yoga is a bit limited, with your repetition of “it’s not really yoga”

      Yoga is, as you will hear time and time again, union. These are people coming together — Uniting over a common cause for a common good.

      One of the best ways I’ve seen yoga defined was in this quote:

      “One who uses the body and mind properly in time and space, with proper motive for the welfare of humankind, is a yogi and is practicing Yoga, whether he or she knows it or not.” Sri Brahmananda Sarasvati

      I don’t know what you consider “actually yoga” but if it’s more along the lines of what is contained in a studio on a mat then I’ll have to say that’s “not really yoga”

  • protests as entertainment, well, it does lead to conversation 😉

    now throw in some paper money vs gold/silver vs digital money talk, some ron paul, a swig of carol horton, mix with more music –

    and, well, should be interesting 😉

  • Meow

    Ugh, Micheal Franti. Did he make everybody jump? HOW YA FEEEELIN’?

  • Thanks for posting, YD. I’m with you – the #Occupy movement is exciting and indicates that change is happening NOW.

    Sharon Gannon says that yogi’s have always been activists. This IS yoga. Not everyone will understand.


  • Hey, whether you like the protests or not, Michael Franti is so closely involved and associated with the yoga community that this is definitely legitimate yoga news . . .

    (and I for one say, yay, Michael, and thank you, #occupywallstreet!)

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