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Students Protest, Face Suspension Over Yoga Pants Ban

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Oh no, we knew it was coming. The yoga pants backlash! What will Lululemon, Athleta and Abercrombie’s “perfect yoga butt” do now? Are yoga pants too revealing?

Administrators at Loveland High School in OH say yes and have banned students from wearing them. According to the big bad school boards,  yoga pants fall under the too “distracting” so-you-can’t-wear-them rule and dozens of young ladies who customarily defied the ban are being sent to in-school suspension or forced to change. The students are rather astutely WTF about it.

“We’re trying to make a point that we all just want to go to school, we want to get our work done and be comfortable and just want to go home,” said senior Olivia Legg, who was among 17 students who spent Thursday serving in-school suspension.Dozens of other students said they were sent home or forced to change their clothes.School administrators think the soft, clingy pants, which are popular among yoga practitioners, are too revealing for class, but students disagree.

“I feel like if I wore jeans and a cute shirt, I’d be more distracting than what I’m wearing now,” Legg continues.

Superintendent John Marschhausen assures everyone, “We are committed to providing an appropriate educational environment while respecting the students’ freedom of expression” and has to get all bummer authority figure on us. The Man is currently reviewing dress codes and policies.

We’re not gonna say anything, but they might want to take heed should any flash mobs and or occupy Loveland HS protests break out. Ahem. wink. Ahem. Nope, not suggesting anything.

On a side note, this may make Loveland the comfiest, yet least fashionable high school in America.

What do you think? Are yoga pants too revealing for young folks?



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  • mlb

    I hope they are also going to put a ban on boys wearing athletic shorts where their dick hangs out the leg. I think that’s more revealing than pants that fully cover the booty…& vagina. Just sayin…it goes both ways, Mr The Man.

    • i was think something along the same lines, i’ll go with what you said 😉

  • Banana Republic Resident

    Oy vey and good grief! The kids’ gym ( and some sports’) attire is prob’ly even more revealing and distracting. Perhaps the school should also ban shorts and tank-tops, and look into lengthening the cheerleaders skirts?

  • The only time yoga pants are revealing is when people don’t wear underwear and the pants are not opaque and they don’t have a dress/skirt/shirt covering the booty area. Just wear underwear, make sure they are good quality and OPAQUE, and then it’s fine. Why don’t they ban low-cut shirts if they’re concerned about things being revealing? Hm?

  • Also, they sexualize the female body so much, the more they draw attention to these things the more it’s seen as sexual or “distracting”. Maybe if they treated men’s and women’s bodies equally (for example, men can walk around topless, even with giant man-boobs, but women are not allowed…not that I would want to take advantage if we were allowed, but, we should be allowed if we want to) this wouldn’t be a problem.

    • jack

      my reply to you is that girls are looked at sexually when they show their chest. Guys are not!!!!!! You add more perverts and more problems for everyone if we all are allowed to go topless. Deal with it, we are different and guys very a womens chest as sex and pay good money to strippers to see their chests. Girls are not as likely to pay a guy money to see their chest. We say Europe is free with that type of thing, but I read that there are mobs with child porn distributers in Europe. Look it up.. Girls are a part sex trafficing and most are forced into it. Men want us all naked and you would condone this. What would that teach little girls and how are they suppose to find a good man later.. Few and far between now..

      • Stacey

        You….don’t think men are looked at sexually with no shirt on? Do you live under a rock?

  • Olivia Legg

    I think the flash mob is a great idea but they are currently doing that at our High School football game tonight. Thanks for spreading our story.

    • YD

      Thanks for commenting, Olivia! Please keep us posted.

  • abbylou

    I don’t think they are too revealing, but they are far too ubiquitous. I see them on women everywhere. In theory, I have no problem with people running some errands in their yoga pants after class, but, at least where I live, a lot of women, who I am guessing have never been on a yoga mat in their lives, wear them everywhere because they can leave the house dressed but still feel like they are wearing pajamas. Why not bring back sweat pants?

    To summarize my rant, yoga pants have their time and place, but can make the people wearing them seem sloppy if worn improperly or at the wrong time or place.

    I think that the schools should encourage students to dress properly and take themselves seriously. When I walk around in my yoga pants, I feel, and probably act, like I am on holiday.

  • Nancy

    It’s always the girls that get suspended over clothing. I was suspended for short skirts on more than one occasion (back when girls weren’t allowed to wear pants at all). Best of all, my friend and I wore only our coats over underwear one day, to see if anyone would make us take off the coats. I like to think I would have if challenged. Rise up, yoga pants wearers! It’s always the era to fight school fashion police.

  • i wish first, having pants hanging down the back and showing half the butt crack, would finally be called for what it is :

    a 1/2 sh*tee attempt at being cool

    besides, isn’t that a health hazard? all those molecules of human waste being flung up into the air 😉

  • Mik

    I din’t know they made yoga pants that big……….most of those girls should be wearing mumus………..

  • jack

    I think many of the yoga pants are too revealing. I work in a high school and have a couple perverts that work with me. You can see the carving of all private areas with a lot of the yoga pants. It is very disturbing because I see the looks and hear the nasty talk that no one thinks happens. People are stupid. We think only we matter. The girls are stupid, they do not know what they are doing. The sports are out of control in the high school too. These girls rome around barely dressed and the school allows it. The after school practice and the sporting events have half dressed teens everywhere running around and many acting very pervocative in their revealing clothes. Hello, it is a schools obligation to prevent this type of behavior and it’s dress code. In my school the boys get in trouble for showing underwear while the girls run around practically naked. Not many people are looking at boys as a sex object, but the girls are prime targets.

    • Stacey

      So the TARGETS should change their behavior instead of the perpetrators? Interesting. You’re not calling for the “perverts” (your words) to be fired and not allowed to work around young people they target, you’re calling for the intended victims to change THEIR behavior. Congratulations, you’re a misogynist!

  • Really?

    Unbelievable that there are people who would actually agree with this. Let them wear whatever they want, it’s not your choice, don’t control them. That only makes it worse.

  • Penxv

    Meatheads call them rape pants… just saying.

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