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Russell Simmons, Fellow Yogis #OccupyWallSt in Meditation Flash Mob (video)

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More and more people are joining #OccupyWallSt now at Day 12, including yogis, and a celebriyogi leader, Russell Simmons.

Sure there’s some controversy over whether or not yoga should mix with politics. Though, as we said in a previous statement, we view yoga in these cases as acts of community, not the yoga world uniting and taking position over any particular cause, other than peace. (No one’s using yoga as a campaign platform yet). Will yoga help them get what they want? Eh, we don’t know!

“We are bringing a grounded peaceful energy. Meditation allows us to acquire a space within ourselves, a peace in our heart, where we can have clarity. And from this clarity we can share our visions and our intentions.”

“The people are starting to realize that they’re all connected. And so a protest can be on many man many issues, and all on the same. “

What do you think? Meditation starts in at 2:50 mark.



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