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This Week In Yoga: Dude Debates, Yoga’s Worst Dressed, Chaturanga Dandasana Done Right

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Hello! It’s the last week of September, can you believe it? So much has happened over the past few weeks: fall has arrived in the northern hemisphere, it’s creeping on soup and sweater season, our hair is longer, our sleeves are longer, our wee YD is back to school and growing up before our very eyes! OK, slow it down. We’re still in our nerdy braces phase, but it’s true there are some growth spurts abound here at YDHQ. If you haven’t checked out YogaDork Ed., do yourself a favor and get schooled. Also, pinch your pennies with the exciting new bit called YD Deals, perhaps to prove quite useful as the holidays approach. (eek! yes, we know. But time flies, doesn’t it?)

Happy Season!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Practice makes…

Celebriyogi Corner:

via Us Weekly

Fashion Schmashion:

Latest from the outrageous Yoga Crime blotter: Yoga Teacher Learns Doggie Ahimsa the Hard Way, Is Charged With Animal Cruelty

And the tripped out tech tip: Deepak Chopra’s Trippy New Meditation Video Game

Looking to score a yoga deal?

Last but not least, congrats to Nicole Marie for winning a photo from the Great American YogaDork Roadtrip!


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