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Where Yoga Fits in September 11th Memories, Memorabilia

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How did you spend your September 11th 10 year anniversary?

An interesting article in TIME magazine highlights the difficulty in hosting an event or hawking knick knacks without coming off tacky and tasteless, cashing in on a national tragedy. But this is NY afterall! The land of opportunity! And the quickest to make a buck. The day after Michael Jackson died (or maybe it was that evening) vendors moved faster than MJ’s heel spin to sell RIP King of Pop tees in Union Square. Just stop by the stands at Ground Zero – we needn’t say more.

It’s not just our beloved city though. Some Arizona sushi joint was recently derided for its 9/11 Remembrance Roll. Really Arizona? Just stick with your freedom fries. (note: to somehow balance out the tackiness, proceeds were going to benefit the Phoenix Firefighters Association).

But amidst the 9/11 hats, t-shirts, special wine vintages and coin collectibles were more meaningful events such as the various yoga classes held by Reflections, Laughing Lotus and a free yoga flow and meditation class at Alison West’s new Yoga Union studio. To us it’s still an opportunity (for example, the brand new Yoga Union studio opened the weekend of the 11th) but it’s nice to see that people can join together in community to honor those we lost in the attacks and leave with nothing more than a sense of calm, clarity and compassion.

We don’t need a 9/11 yoga mat to remember.



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