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Top 5 Reasons Alec Baldwin Should Be NYC’s Mayor with Yoga Teacher Girlfriend

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Some of you have hit the snooze button on this already, but, wait! Hear us out. Could 30 Rock’s “Jack” and Beetlejuice‘s breakout star Alec Baldwin become mayor of the greatest city in the world? There’s been talk. Subjectivity and hometown pride aside, this could spell some big changes for the Big Apple. First off, Tina Fey would obviously have to run City Council.

But don’t get your hopes up quite yet, Alec conceded on Letterman Tuesday night that he’s not entirely up for the gig:  “Would I rather be handcuffed to the emergency command center in Maspeth during a hurricane, holding down the fort and making sure all the plows are working… or would I rather spend some of that 30 Rock money traveling the world with my girlfriend?” ponders Alec, 53 and finally ready to see the world.

His girlfriend of course, is 27-year-young yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas, whom he introduced on camera and mentioned several times during the interview, in between wide grins and sparkly eyes. He’s had no problem showing off his new love publicly, at the Tonys, at the US Open (above) and frequently on cutesie twitter exchanges. So smitten he is that Mr. Baldwin’s recently dumped his rich guy Upper West Side apartment to move in with his yogini downtown. But has he made appearances at Yoga Vida where she teaches? It seems so! And a slimmed down, cheery-faced Baldwin brother is an encouraging indication. Also this:

Alec Baldwin: vegetarian, PETA supporter, human rights activist, celebriyogi, Mayor of New York City. His first lady, yogipreneur Hilaria Thomas. Take a walk with us to yogatopian NYC.

Top 5 Reasons Alec Baldwin and Yogi Girlfriend Should Run NYC:

1) Hilaria Thomas heads up the initiative to ensure every unlimited metrocard comes with unlimited yoga, instead of grief.

2) Cabbies get “I Break for Ahimsa” bumper stickers and bonus points for “karma yoga” free rides each day. All cabs are equipped with horns that whisper “Namaste” instead of honk.

3) Even the pigeons and rats are cheerful. They greet you every morning on your commute to work with a coffee and a “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.” You smile because it’s cute, and the coffee (or tea) is the best you’ve ever tasted. Best day ever, every day.

4) Threats like hurricanes, crime and terrorism don’t stand a chance with the force field of love and Liz Lemon antics at our defense. Have you seen what she does for a sandwich?

5) “Jack Donaghy” scotch-flavored coconut water becomes a reality, tastes awesome and becomes the official drink of NYC.

bonus in fantasyland: free health insurance for all who attend yoga classes 3 times a week!

Watch the full Letterman clip below from 8/30/11, where Alec describes his yoga with Paula McCartney, Lorne Michaels and Ben Bradley et al. And his own turn on Sanskrit skills. Skip to 10:45.



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  • Yogini5

    This SO reminds me of the plot of an old comedy movie, vintage late 1960’s that I was alive to see in the theaters (so now you can know how ancient I really am) called “What’s so Bad about Feeling Good?” … except it was a virus that made those main characters – the beats in question who gratefully spread the infectious virus – happy (infectiously happy) … and it did take place in New York City …

    That is what this post seemed like to me … lol

    Or just coincidence in this time of wishful thinking …

  • can i vote from vermont? please 😉

  • PLEASE! This would not even be a story if the girlfriend was not a yoga teacher!

    It would just be another story of an old fart dating a woman young enough to be his daughter…and that’s news?!?

    • Lily

      Since when is being a run of the mill yoga teacher suddenly like being the dalai lama? WTH is this foolishness? Who cares what she does? She’s not a public figure, why is everyone making such a big deal out of her? She’s a nobody that will go straight back to being a manager of a yoga place when he is done with her. She’s got no success of her own. On other pictures of her without tons of make up and 6 inch heels, she’s a short, homely and her ears stick out like Obama, maybe that’s the appeal because Alec can’t kiss his ass enough…. Alec really has no standards anymore.

      • Yogini5

        Like I’ve always said, it used to be that some stars married their personal trainer or their masseuse …

        so a yoga teacher is just a glorified shamanic healing masseuse or a glorified personal trainer or combination of both … or even a glorified psychic …

        Not the Dalai Lama by a long shot …

        It’s just that it’s Alec Baldwin, and it didn’t happen in Hollywood …

  • yogusbogus

    Oh Alec, Alec, Alec. Have you learned nothing from Mel Gibson? I understand having a midlife crisis, but this is a midlife meltdown. You think it hurts to do yoga? Wait til she’s pulled your heart out of your chest and flattened it into a mat without breaking a sweat. I was 27 once. Of course you’re richer and more famous than any of my old boyfriends, so that will keep her around a little longer. You’re such a talented and brilliant man – why make a laughingstock of yourself when we need your talent and brilliance more than ever? Have fun while it lasts, but I hope you get out of Dodge long before she shoots your kneecaps off while smiling and spouting “spiritual” drivel that you are mistaking for profundity. Good luck, but take care of YOURSELF because that’s all you’re going to have in the end.

  • Mark

    Alec Baldwin is having a middle age crises ! He wants to prove that he still “has it!” Hilaria or whatever her name is would have never given him a chance if it weren’t for hismillions. She is a gold digger who can do the splits quiet easily and he is an old fart with millions of dollars. They both get what they want. Look at the photo, she looks she could have been his daughter ! Her face is less than average, a 5 out of 10, so why did he choose her? bcz she can bend her body in bed to fullfil and old’s man fantacy ! Shame on both of them !

  • yvonne

    I BRAKE for Ahimsa. Ahem.

    • YD

      Ha. You may be right.
      I was actually thinking “break” as in taking breaks when I wrote that, though it doesn’t seem to relay the same way now that I read it.

  • Lily

    I’m really starting to hate this little ho. She should stick to what she does. Stretching and bending over for him. She does deserve all this attention because of who she’s fucking. She’s not even American. Fuck that. I think Baldwin should move to Spain with her and leave us all alone already. Please. That would be my top choice.

    • elizabeth

      I cannot believe how judgmental, cruel, and unfair these comments are. Wow. I am stupefied and disgusted to be reading such a vile attitude on a yoga blog. You have clearly not grasped what is the meaning of yoga beyond the asanas if this is the way you are speaking about another human being who you don’t even know.

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