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Yoga Flash Mob Update: It’s On, NYC!

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After the cops busted up the first plan to invade Grand Central for safety reasons, or whatever, the Storm Yogis have regrouped and once again have cast a promise of enormity and spectacle! And peace in the form of a mass mob practicing yoga in unison set to the backdrop of this crazy mother-lovin’ city we call home.

WHY? “For you and for the world.  This convergence is a joyful, creative, edgy expression of love, a salute to the explosive kernel of potential within all of us, a bold display of an emerging consciousness that’s built upon focus, presence, and boundless energy.”

Where will this epic yoga extravaganza take place? We can’t tell you, it’s a secret. But we can tell you it’s set for Friday, September 16th, 6-7pm.

Check the event page on facebook or sign up for the Storm Yoga mailing list for details.

One hopes they’ll choose a location a bit more conducive to mob-like masses, and not a crowded subway.



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