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This Week In Yoga: Earth Breakin’, Ghetto Shakin’, Asana Addicts and Giveaways Galore

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image via Gizmodo

Hey did you feel that?

Feel what?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Quaker, who?

Quaker hurricane, it’s all good! We’re Yogis 🙂

Ok, ok west coasters, we know you’re used to the whole earth moving under your feet thing, but we east siders prefer our ground to stand still. Cue Carol King. Thanks to a dear friend we are fully prepared for the next tectonic shimmy. Who knew everything we needed to know about earthquake safety we learned on Saved By the Bell? Then again, we ought to prepare ourselves now for a visit from our fancy hurricane friend. Come on, Irene.

Yes we’ve still got the week in review, while we plywood the windows and batten down the hatches. Stay safe east coasters!

In other perhaps earth shattering news, quite excitingly, our Great American Road Trip Gallery is up! Check out all the images from the epic journey. All photos by the talented J.T. Liss.

A reminder that 25% of all proceeds go towards the efforts of Off the Mat, Into the World. yay! Also, our wonderful friend Maggie of Sprout Yoga is donating 20% of sales from her malas will go towards the cause as well! Check it out.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Saved by the Bell Earthquake Safety Tips



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  • I love the “Ghetto Yoga” terminology! I guess we could also use “Bootylicious Yoga” for the famed “yoga booty” so many practitioners enjoy!

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