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Legendary Gangsta Rapper Schoolly D Gets His ‘Ghetto Yoga’ On

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And then gangsta rappers did ghetto yoga…

Deemed by many in the game as the creator of gangsta rap, 45 year old Jesse “Schoolly D” Weaver Jr. gets dirty in his lyrics and ghetto in his yoga. YO, wha?

What was the Philly legend doing during the earthquake? He “just got finished yoga.”

An interview in The Philly Post reveals D’s ghetto yoga secrets, complete with expletives and monkey-poop pizza:

…back to this ghetto yoga. What is it, exactly?
It’s just yoga. But it’s the yoga that I try to get my homeys to do. These motherfuckers are at the age that they’re dying. I told them to do yoga with me and they’re like, man, I’m not doing that motherfucking yoga. Then I told them it was ghetto yoga, and they’re interested. You try to serve a monkey-poop pizza, and nobody gonna want to eat that shit. But you tell them it’s ghetto monkey-poop pizza, and they’re like, Oh, I’ll eat that. So I call my yoga ghetto yoga. I should probably stop saying that until I copyright it.

Do I see a Schoolly D’s Ghetto Yoga DVD in your future?
You know, I was thinking about it. I had somebody video me doing ghetto yoga. And then I watched it. And it was me with my balls just hanging out. Nobody’s going to watch me with my balls hanging out.

We can see the tagline now – Ghetto Yoga: For Your Motherfucking Yoga Homeys. Balls Out, Yo.




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  • Um, yes please! Love this!!!!

  • Hildy

    Love it !!!!

  • hazel

    it’s so motherfuckin’ funny! 🙂

  • Banana Republic Resident

    I would very much like to witness one of these “ghetto yoga” sessions just to see what da gangstas be wearin’…. and wouldn’t it be a wee bit awkward to practice yo– ‘scuse me, “ghetto yoga”, when yo’s pants be hangin’ half-way down yo’s butts????

  • AHMAAAZZZZING quotes on here. Going directly on the blog.

  • HAAA!!! “ghetto yoga” it’s like bikram yoga but with bling bling.

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