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YogaDork Giveaway! Win a Hugger Mugger Zafu, Mobile Meditation Cushion

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Hello, I love you. Do you meditate?

That’s what you say to everyone you meet, no? Try it! OR, you could simply say it without uttering a thing. Just grab your meditation cushion and show everyone how it’s done. Don’t have a meditation cushion? Why, you’re in luck! We’re giving one away!

WIN: Meditation cushion, aka zafu, courtesy of Hugger Mugger, stuffed with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hull filling – your choice of color and material. Check them out here.

TO ENTER: Firstly, vote in the poll, because it’s fun!

Then tell us where your favorite place us, or would be, to meditate. We took our zafu on the road and brought it to the Grand Canyon! (subject in photo, and we quote, “this cushion changed my life.”)

Share with us your ideal meditation location in the comments. Entries accepted through August 25th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced August 26th (last day of Mercury in retrograde, sigh).

Good luck!

UPDATE: Huge congrats to Holli for winning the zafu!!!

Thanks to all who entered and shared their meditation spots, whether practical, functional or ideal. It’s been inspiring reading all of your comments! Stay tuned for more giveaways for September’s Yoga Month and months to come. LOVE



214 comments… add one
  • Turks and Caicos for sure

  • I am a meditation newbie and a yoga lover who’s still trying to maintain regular practice instead of stop & go. At BlogHer 11 I thoroughly enjoyed my first outdoor yoga session that was in the early morning and within sight of the ocean. Heavenly. It made me determined to try meditation outside of my home’s 4 walls to absorb all that the Universe wants to show me. A zafu would be a fantastic way to start.

    PS Any site that references Mercury Retrograde gets a bookmark from me!

  • Valerie

    The Oregon Coast in the summertime.

  • I would love to have the chance to meditate in a forest after rain, the air would be perfect and cool and being surrounded by trees is just perfection!

  • Meditation happens everywhere for me. But my ideal spot would be on the beach in Sandbridge near my family in Virginia. A close second would be anywhere tropical!

  • tieressie

    My backyard. It is the best of both worlds: the familiarity and warmth of being at home and the refreshing connection with nature as it is outdoors under a canopy of trees and flowers with birds and butterflies flitting about.

  • chris eder

    Cinque Terra…or Nice France.

  • R

    On the beach in Montauk Ny with the soft breaking waves in the background.

  • Under a tree. I have lived in Arizona for five years, and there is nothing I miss more than trees. I moved to New Zealand in January and will be here a little bit longer, but the absolute best part of being here has been the ability to meditate under trees. There are gardens in nearly every city, and there are trees everywhere. It has reinvigorated my practice. I will soon be back in Arizona, and I now know that I will have to continue to seek out the trees. Meditating under a cactus just does not have the same effect (though the desert is full of its own magic).

  • Kegon waterfall in Nikko, Japan.

  • Susan

    In my home, hidden in my closet away from three wonderful but crazy kids, three cats, and two dogs! I’m a yoga teacher and mom and work at the animal shelter, so I often shut the closet door and pretend I’m in the himilayans and practice shaman meditation till they find me!!!! Not only would the zafu be comfortable but it would keep the door shut a few minutes longer!!!

  • Joshua Mindrum

    Mt. Rose overlooking Lake Tahoe.

  • At Mono Lake in California, facing the lake, on the beach. I frequently imagine myself floating on my back in the water of Mono Lake, on a windless day, watching gulls fly overhead, wispy clouds float by, the water gently rocking me to and fro, and knowing that this unique little ecosystem is going on below me, with brine shrimp swimming around.

    SO peaceful and minimalist and quite out there. Heaven. THAT’s my mental goal for meditating, and heaven knows I need to meditate WAY more than I do. =)

  • erica

    In Provo, Utah!

  • Emily

    Holding hands with my children<3

  • susan

    grand canyon. so beautiful and calming to to be witness to such a vast expanse of natural wonder.

  • denise

    On top of a mountain on the East Coast (Vermont or Massachusetts), in the early fall when the leaves on the treetops are slowly starting to change color to the delicious tones of gold, burgundy, and rust. The earth below my feet is solid but faintly soft from the settling of the morning dew, the sun is peaking through clouds, burning through the fog as it kisses my face. The air is crisp and clean and fresh, and as I sit to meditate, I feel, all at once, rooted to the earth beneath me, and light as the air and clouds above me. Chakras aligned, focusing on the breath, my cushion and I become one with all that is around me. Jai!

  • top of any hike I took in Oahu… I would have loved to pull up a zafu and continue the focus from outside in the beauty of Hawaii to inside of the beauty of me.

    thanks for doing this give away, it’s great!

  • So many choices! I would have to say, sitting on a terrace, on a Greek island (Crete or maybe Santorini), under the blue sky, while overlooking the Mediterranean sea!

  • Nadine

    in a forest-like setting, near a lake, like when I attended summer camp in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania

  • Bryan

    In the greenhouse I worked in as a teenager. Surrounded by budding flowers.

  • either in Rocky Mountain National Park or Grand Teton National Park

  • linda hale

    facing my balcony where the tree has grown to overshadow my third floor high-in-the-sky away from it all quiet place. my Grandson from infant to current age, 8, and i have watched the tree grow from a wee tiny thing to creating a wall for me to see green each morning and night.

  • Pam

    Any peaceful spot surrounded by nature: a grassy field, a pine forest, a shady spot on the beach.

  • Abby

    In my Pittsburgh bedroom…because, as they say, anyone can find peace on the bank of a stream, but it’s an accomplishment to find peace in the middle of a city.

  • Ryan

    In my home.

  • Paula

    On a beautiful beach in Mexico!

  • Melanie Savoie

    My dream for meditation would be on a rock, surrounded by the wonders of nature, trees, moss, small animals, flowers and a flowing stream of water as water elements seem to keep me grounded. …… But until there are no more children in my home and i am a little more free to find this “dream” location, at home, in my shower, on the couch or laying in bed, all are wonderous places to be at peace with myself

  • Melodie

    Dry canyon on the West side of Timpanogos in Utah, winter, spring, fall or summer, morning, afternoon, evening or by moonlight. The walls of rock block out the sound of the nearby towns and city.

  • Claudia

    I’d plop that zafu on the sand on any beach in the Virgin Islands!

  • Amy

    Under a big tree on nice sunny day.

  • Erica

    Definitely at home, closely followed by work if I could manage a few minutes to take a recharge break!

  • i’d raise the shades in all the windows, let the light and greenery in, sit on my new zafu, and breath the softness beneath, and all around me 😉

  • Tracie Jansen

    On the beach at LaPush, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula on a sunny summer afternoon.

  • Barb

    I would love to meditate on a zafu overlooking the Grand Canyon, just as the sunrise comes over the ridge. To feel the sun’s warmth and experience the fresh air and vibrant colors would just be heavenly.

  • There’s a great spot right off Heart Lake with a view of Mt. Shasta that will move you closer to samadhi.

    They tell me.

  • on a beach, hands down. there is something about the sound of ocean waves (ujayyi breath?) that calms me like nothing else.

  • Diann

    My new favorite place to meditate is during yoga class when all my students are lying in savasana looking so peaceful and relaxed. I have a really hard time sitting still, but there is something very grounding about a happy, restful class of yogis that inspires me.

  • jen

    outside on my deck!

  • Christy

    In the Columbia River valley gorge watching the kite surfers.

  • Ross Reid

    I think it is important to just find the time to meditate and the place is secondary. That being said I would love to find myself on top of a high mountain ridge with nothing but time.

  • Paulette Razzano

    The most wondrous place I ever been and would love to meditate there is The Badlands in South Dakota. It is otherworldly and has peace in the air. I did climb up a formation and sit for a while and felt that I actually was on another plane of existence

  • Latryce

    Spent some time in Sydney, NSW, Australia this summer. Would have been great to have had a zafu to meditate on Coogee or Bondi Beach!

  • Debbie Jean

    The North Shore in Minnesota, right as the sun rises or sets. It’s a lot like home, a little like vacation, and mainly just plain beautiful.

  • The top of the Rocky Mountains in BC! Jasper, or Banff. So many white moutain tops and powder blue water. It is like being in the middle of a mediation on Mt. Meru!

  • Mon

    Tropical rain forest

  • Leigh

    Swiss Alps

  • Isabelle

    I like to meditate while laying in my hammock, it is just AMAZING !

  • Next to the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana!

  • Courtenay

    Sunrise mediation in Crescent Beach, FL, followed by a perfect, perky surf session with my brother and sisters. One of the most amazing days and I am ever grateful.

  • Deirdre

    Sunrise in my backyard – pure heaven!

  • Heather

    I meditate in my yoga room, but ideally it’d be in the middle if a clearly of a forest. If it’s hilly and has a slight overlook to it that would be perfect.

  • Robyn

    on a quiet secluded beach sounds just perfect!

  • I am lucky to live near the Chopra Center in La Costa, CA, and I participate in their daily primordial sound meditation frequently, but my favorite place to meditate is at the Meditation Gardens at SRF in Encinitas – outside in nature with the waves crashing on the beach below. Instant bliss! I truly live in the sweet spot of the universe.

  • Mike

    On the Oregon Coast, it the trees, looking over the ocean. Or Big Sur.

  • Nancy Tomasheski

    Big Sur, California.

  • Stephanie

    My ideal locale for meditation would be on a mountain overlooking a giant waterfall!

  • Chris

    In a forest, near the sound of water.

  • Rachel

    Down the shore.

  • On top of a hill called “Echo Hill” at the summer camp where I grew up. It was my sanctuary. I still like to visualize myself being back there when I need to find a peaceful place within. 🙂

  • Down by the riverside! The Willamette, or Columbia, or Skagit.

  • Mark

    In a park near my house or in the yoga room in my house currently but meditating among the redwoods near the ocean would be ideal.

  • Ideally? In some amazing place with white sands, breeze and the ocean rolling in. But I have three kids, so really I just hope for some place with quiet.

  • Chandra

    Firstly, my ideal meditation location is in the Bavarian countryside with massive hills, and complete serenity all around. Secondly, and more realistically for now, my soon to be yoga & meditation room at home. Good by stressful study, hello enlightenment, relaxation, and peacefulness.

  • Megan

    Sitting on warm grass underneath a blooming tree. Surrounded by the hum of animals & insects, and feeling the wind dance through my hair. Embracing every moment of joy around me. Pure bliss!

  • My favorite place is in my office. It’s an old sun porch so it’s almost like sitting outside.

  • H Walker

    I would meditate in the morning on the beach with the waves just reaching my toes. Smelling the ocean breeze and feeling the support of the sand feels like heaven.

    But, since I am rarely at the beach at sunrise, I could use a cushion to meditate in my garden (on mornings when there aren’t too many mosquitoes).

  • KarenC

    Sequoia National Park, completely surrounded by Redwood trees. That or a red rock cliff in St. George, Utah.

  • JohnG

    Haven’t done it, but it would be in Arches National Park…under the Great Arch.

  • bonnie

    out in the woods sitting under a huge tree

  • Kristen

    In the park near my house…. I bring my cat with me so she can get out of my small apt. I’d like to think that she is meditating too…. But I am pretty sure she’s napping.

  • I struggle to meditate but haven’t given up! Right now, it’s sitting in a chair listening to the Chopra 21 day meditation challenge. Ideally, it would be sitting on a beach – maybe in Bermuda – or closer by in Rockport, MA, and, of course, it would be perfect if I were sitting on a zafu cushion. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Ideally, I would love to meditate in my office. Meditation is such a beautiful practice and I love to meditate at the yoga studio, on vacation and in my home. But to be able to bring peace and calmness and positive energy into my office is still something I’m working on. But that’s yoga, right? Attempting to calm the mind chatter even while your off the mat and smack in the middle of life.

  • Lori

    My favorite place to meditate is in my home. I know all the sounds and textures, and I find that very comforting. The light comes in and changes in way that I am familar with, and I am free to let go.

  • Beth

    I’m a warm-weather gal, so I like the beach idea too…the sun beating down on me…the sound of waves in the background…perfect! 🙂

  • We have a little grove of pine trees on our property. Right in the middle of these where it is soft from the needles falling and very shady. Not to mention it smells wonderful!

  • GG

    Niagara Falls (the Canadian side:)
    The honeymooners and the gamblers could seems offsetting to some, but I’d like to be in a place where I can still be reminded of our collective addictions and the vastness of love.
    Misty air, pretty good chances of seeing a rainbow and if its good enough for Superman its good enough for me.

  • Tonya

    In the woods by a gently flowing stream

  • Holly Jones

    In a secluded patch of forest in the mountains near where I grew up.

  • On a beautiful, peaceful beach with the sun shining!

  • I love to mediate on the beach, listening to the waves splashing. I live near NYC and I don’t get to the beach that often, but I can still bring myself to that happy place.

  • Ann

    Any beach, anywhere – being near water has such a calming effect on me, from both the sound of the water and quality of the air. Since I live 1000 miles from the ocean, however, I sit in my meditation room (which I painted the color ‘enlightenment’ a year ago).

  • chelsea

    Everywhere. Keeping my meditation going when I leave the cushion and continue about my day is the ideal for me!

  • Bethany Ham

    Early mornings in North Manhattan Beach CA.. before people get there.. just you and a few surfers.. Its heaven 🙂

  • Julia

    Anywhere by the ocean…

  • I believe life is meditation. That meditation is the ability to be fully present… not stuck in the past or lost in the future. To practice meditation… well I’m a nature girl. I love being surrounded by the beauty – color, sounds, smells, etc. of the outdoors. I can’t help but slow down and connect with the divine that is within me when immersed in nature.

  • Stephanie

    I’m always drawn to seaside cliffs. no matter the wind, the sheer rockface, the whitewave disturbance-the immense openness before me and the sweetness of ice plants behind me allow me to drop into spacious silence within.

  • Any location that was quiet, except for the sounds of nature. Mountaintops, treetops, beaches, parks, lakes, surfboards 😉

  • Susan O

    In a field, near a pond or lake, and this could be in the country, the suburbs, or in a park in the middle of a busy city.

  • Devil’s Punch Bowl in Oregon. Seriously.

  • on mt. rainier on a sunny day – the air is so crisp and smells sweet.

  • In my garden breathing in the fresh scent of herbs and on special days at the beach 🙂

  • shannon

    I like my garden the best as a meditation place.

  • In the shade on a beautiful breezy beach!

  • My favorite place to meditate is on the edge of the rainforest, where jungle meets ocean. The sounds of the surf hitting cliff mingle with the sounds of the insects and birds in the jungle, and the breath flowing in and out… it’s so easy to drop right into center and connect.

  • On the S-bahn (metro) in Berlin 🙂 Germans are so damn silent, it’s like traveling in a library…!

  • allison

    on Prince Edward Island, on a grassy cliff overlooking red sand beaches and crashing waves from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. i couldn’t imagine living far away from the water!

  • margarita

    I don’t know if I mind the where so much as the when. Sunrise is the perfect time for me to meditate. When the day is just beginning there’s all this new energy, and it buoys me.

  • slsamantha

    My favorite place to meditate is my backyard.

  • Jennifred

    I <3 to meditate when I do yoga at our church… even though we don't practice in the sanctuary, we do work in a worship space. There's something about stained glass windows and a lovely altar piece that lets me connect in a way that I cannot match at home.

  • Vanessa M.

    I would love to use it on the beach with the ocean as background noise, or at home listening to my singing bowl.

  • zafuHugger

    home is actually my favorite place to sit — no need to make it exotic or wild. My mind is busy enough without needing to go anywhere…

  • Piak

    I would say, for me, it would be Mackenzie Beach on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is wild, loud, calm & peaceful all at the same time. Life is no different. That is what I need my sitting practice for – to manage all aspects of my life while staying grounded.

  • Briana D.

    I’d like to meditate in nature somewhere…anywhere that there weren’t too many bugs!

  • I live in one of the most beautiful places… the Rocky Mountains. We have Mount Evans here. It has some really expansive and serene views. I would Love to take this darling zafu to the peaks and watch the valleys. Thank you for the ohm-portunity!

  • Aum is where the heart is. With that said, serene locations allow a deeper connection with nature, but the journey begins at home, and I’m grateful for every moment of meditation whether on a mountain top, subway seat or the middle of my living room floor.

  • rachael

    My favorite meditation spot was a cave in northern Tibet. That feeling will be with me always, even in the subways of Chicago!

  • Michael

    The best place is the place you do it most often; sure, a mountaintop or a spectaular natural setting is inviting, but it’s not conducive to being in the here and now. Regularity and consistency make the process more effective.. And affective.

  • Joanne

    My favorite place would be beside a running stream, with trees filtering the sunlight and casting dappled shadows. The sound of the water gives me a focus. I have a CD that has the sound of a stream with some harp and cello music, and that CD works well to set the mood, too.

  • Jennifer

    My ideal meditation piece would be in an old old building in any old city in Europe. I love the way you can just breath the history.

  • Julia E

    As beautiful as a mountain/beach/stream can be, taking as many distractions away allows for a deeper concentration in my practice. A quiet, clean, serene room dedicated to meditation is my favorite place to practice.

  • Swells

    On my covered patio overlooking the pastures and river below … a light breeze blows, birds chirp in the background, a cow will moo, and sometimes a wild turkey makes a funny gobble sound that cracks me up.

  • Emma Dines

    on a rock at the edge of the ocean, where i feel like the front of my body drops away and i can just merge into the empty space above the water.

  • Blissful Girl

    In my sunroom with all the windows open. Sound of nature and the fresh air in my lungs.

  • I picture a beautiful field with one amazing large old tree. I would sit under the tree with speckled sunlight on me.

  • Heather Bryant

    On the shores of Sauble Beach, my hometown on the shores of Lake Huron. Early morning when the beach is quiet and the waves are calm. Made even more special in that I can only get home once or twice a year; it’s one of the few places where I can instantly feel movement towards peace and openness as soon as I walk through the gate.

  • I can’t wait to win this! I love meditating in nature, though more specifically at the beach with calms waves washing the shores, and a slight breeze washing my body. I love feeling the unity with the ocean, sand, birds, fish, and breeze. I no longer live by the ocean but cherish the few times I’ve gotten to have such an amazing opportunity to enter the gap.

  • Leah

    My favorite place to meditate is on a clean wood floor, surrounded by crisp white walls and the sun streaming in through an uncovered window.

  • I don’t know that I’d haul the meditation cushion along, but meditating during a multi day hike is always a delicious way to have refresh the mind during breaks to refresh the body. I’m hoping we’ll do the Abel Tasman Coastal Track soon and I’ll get to meditate along the way!

  • Dayita

    Well the years I was in Hawaii, i hadn’t really acquired enough wisdom to take the time to meditate…and you know, that’s definitely where I’d prefer to go. Failing that I have several lovely sites in the Wicklow mountains I could show you…

  • Kimba Carvalho

    Anywhere the cushion can fit my tush!


  • Tracy

    I would use mine in my back yard. I love to light the torches in the evening and meditate looking into the pool. It’s a lovely way to draw a day to a close.

  • Just right here in my musty office basement. Want to make meditation part of my normal, quotidian life. Not many secluded mountain tops or beachfronts near my rental.

  • Meagan Coates

    I’d like to meditate around the world. In nature, in the city, on top of a mountain, in a canyon, near a stream…meditation is not what you think! I take it with me wherever I go. Namaste.

  • gena

    i would like to be by my favorite river

  • Gotta say the beach…it would be a good opportunity to practice resisting the temptation to run and splash in the waves!

  • Tamiandz

    In Cape Town, South Africa, the whole coastline is lined with mountains and beaches. Its hard to find a beach without a mountain looming over it, and its hard to find a mountain from which you cant see a beach. This is my home town, and its where I go in my meditation, and also where I would love to take my Zafu.

  • the mountains of Costa Rica are pretty ideal if you ask me! sunshine, breeze, exotic birds chirping…

  • Lewaletzko

    Outside on an early summer evening when the frog are singing!

  • Pam

    Well I just moved into my new home, and I’m so excited to make a yoga space for it! Thus far, yoga bookshelf, stacks of props, and soon a set up of candles/incense. Mmm. South facing windows, and I think it’ll soon be my favorite space.

  • Mark DeBonville

    I would like to use this in our home looking at the Rocky Mountains that i live in. Since i don’t have one this would help kick start me into meditation.

  • Courtney

    The beach!! The sound of the ocean is the most soothing thing I know 🙂 But this cushion would help keep the sand out of my pants – which is NOT soothing.

  • Megan

    If I could meditate anywhere, I’d pick Stone House pond… a little slice of heaven.

  • Abigail Ramirez

    Watching the beautiful blue Crater Lake in Oregon a breath taking lake sooo o beautiful sooo blue, you’ll just entwine your meditation and the lake.

  • Rhonda

    On the south shore of Heart Lake, in the James Peak wilderness!

  • yvonne

    The beach! All that warmth and the sound of of the waves to provide a focus for you.

  • Leslie

    On top of Mount Bonnell in Austin, TX. It’s one of the highest points in the city, and overlooks beautiful hills and the river.

  • Mellifluous

    Why is it that when things get the most chaotic, when meditation and yoga would be most beneficial, do I lie to myself and say I don’t have time? I know better. Yet I still do it. This month’s excuse has something to do with losing all of my belongings (including my meditation stool–boo) to a bedbugs infestation that my apartment management knew of before I moved in, but neglected to disclose. Sigh. I send love and light. I focus on acceptance, flow, and positive outcomes for all. But I am tired. Too tired to meditate, I say (poor excuse, as we all know). I must consciously make time to become unconscious through subconscious to lose time and gain time at once. I do so now. And I thank you. Namaste.

  • Alina Morrison

    The absolute best place that I’ve ever meditated was at Spirit Rock north of San Francisco. There is a walking path that leads you up to the top of a hill where they’ve set a chair under a tree. You can sit there, breathe in the fresh air and settle in for a beautiful meditation.

  • bonnie

    in the woods under a tree

  • Dianna

    My favorite meditation spot is on bed.

  • Eileen

    On the beaches of Corona del Mar in Southern California…really early in the morning before many other people start coming so that it feels like I have the beach all to myself 🙂

  • Lauren

    My favorite place to meditate is in my quiet bedroom, and my ideal place would be on the sand under the full moon. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing for the September full moon!

  • Amanda

    My favorite place to meditate is in my backyard. I love to be in a private place but still have nature all around.

  • Michelle

    If I could meditate anywhere, it would be somewhere in the Pyrenees!

  • Julia

    I would love to meditate by the side of a babbling river with the smell of cedar trees and the sounds of forest creatures playing.

  • Liz

    My favorite place to mediate is surrounded by nature, near a body of water (ocean, river, stream…). Water is incredibly soothing to me and brings me inner peace 🙂

  • the japanese garden at the brooklyn botanic garden. such a peaceful sanctuary nestled in the high energy vortex that is nyc as we know it.

  • Being a North Carolina girl, a spot somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a clear blue sky kinda day is absolutely perfect. It’ll bring you closer to the all encompassing unity and beauty of it all whether to trying to get there or not!

  • Lo

    I think I would actually want to meditate at home or in some quiet place. But once I got up from the cushion again it wouldn’t be half bad to be in the mountains or some beautiful forest…

  • Dagmar Jones

    I would love to meditate on top of mountain looking at the sky above me, the vast expanse around me, and inhaling the cool air as I breathe and meditate.

  • Don Walker

    summits near and far
    snowy caps with green down low
    mountain top sitting

  • jb0t

    Pacific northwest forest, deep in

  • Christine

    I would meditate in a grassy meadow, surrounded by mountains.
    Or: on that picnic table I happened to come across last Saturday by the waters of Lake Union – I had 20 minutes to spare so I plopped down and had a sit! That worked just fine. 🙂

  • Morgan

    I love meditating near the ocean, underneath the 12 flights of stairs located at the locals-only beach from my apartment.

  • Kunzlady

    I love meditating in my home or on my deck. I feel most calm and centered near my family’s essence, and that allows me to simply be and breathe.

  • Courtney

    Monument Valley, Utah, in the fall.

  • Courtney

    My favorite place to meditate is at home with my dog 🙂

  • Jason

    Next to a river in the forest in the spring!

  • Scott

    In the chilly hours and minutes
    Of uncertainty
    I want to be
    In the warm hold of Shakti’s lovin’ mind.
    To feel you all around me
    And to take your hand
    Along the sand,
    Ah yes and feel you in every wind.

  • I would love to meditate in the middle of the forest, with the sun rays peeking in through the leaves of the trees, and the sound of water from a nearby stream.

  • Joseph

    In the family room of my house, early in the calm morning when everyone else is asleep.

  • Jennifer

    I live on Lake Erie, so going to the beach to meditate connects me to the Divine like nothing else can. If I am unable to get to the beach, early in the morning at home before everyone gets up for the day!

  • Patti

    Somewhere far from the sounds of traffic and people. The top of a mountain near Tucson Az would be just perfect!

  • Sarah

    I like to meditate outside – with a tree by my side 🙂

  • Kit

    My dream meditation:
    I would build myself a little open-air tree house in the gnarled branches of a big old thick-waisted oak. It would be a little smooth hardwood haven complete with tiny wind chimes, bird feeders, and a soft breeze… a perfect little secret hideaway where I could unfurl my yoga mat, practice and meditate. I’d be surrounded by forest, but would just barely be able to make out the blue of the ocean or lake in the distance. I would clamber up the rope ladder every day just before sunrise to sit and breathe.

  • Lisa

    I would love to meditate on the top of a mountain, filled with forest and giant cedar trees that are hundreds and hundreds of years old behind me, overlooking the ocean and more mountains. The only sounds would be the wind rustling, birds chirping, and waves crashing…

  • Joanna Beerman

    a 60-minute hike up to the living room at the Summit (smile)

  • Some people like the calm of the morning; I like the calm of the evening, especially in the early fall when there’s a cool breeze and lower humidity

  • Abbe

    On the other side of the world exactly 23 hours from where I live and 3.5 hours from civilization. Just me, my mat, and the wind.

  • Katherine

    My ideal meditation spot = in a patch of ferns on the side of a tropical mountain with a waterfall nearby, sitting next to my botanist brother!

  • Jessica

    My favorite meditation spot is in the garden.

  • Becky

    After a hike, to sit on top of a mountain, feeling the sun, the breeze, and breathing in the fresh, clean air, is blissful. It is heavenly to look out at the clouds and the world below, hear the stillness… It is a meditation in itself!

  • Margaret

    I would love to meditate in the many parks in my hometown. They’re so peaceful. I feel very connected to nature when I’m in them.

  • Alyssa

    I have had my best meditation sessions outdoors in Bali, in the thick air with the sounds of bugs and plants growing and animals roaming around.

  • *waves hand* remember me?

    My favorite place to meditate is on a cliff by a lake not far from my house. Eagles nest there and there are no electrical wires or plugs or anything for miles.

    Missed you, YogaDork. I’ll try to swing around more often. <3

    • YD

      hi sarah! *waves back*
      please do 🙂

  • lynn

    atop a bluff at wind & sea beach in la jolla, ca 🙂

  • bryn

    On top of the tallest building downtown in my city

  • At Yosemite, on a large rock, up high (away from the edge) with only the sound of the wind going through the trees and a clear morning sky.

  • Lauren Quinn

    When I lived in Montana, I would hike through the woods to a little stream and meditate there. The sounds of the water were incredibly complex and wonderfully soothing. I could imagine being back in MT with this HuggerMugger zafu!

  • I would meditate on Boracay Beach. The best!

  • kellee

    On a secluded beach, sand between my toes. Anchoring on the breath:)

  • Deb

    favorite place to meditate … the beach … with 3 of the 3 earth elements … it’s so soothing. we sometimes add the 4th element during full moon beach yoga with a bonfire. i would love a meditation cushion! ♥

  • Betty kafsloukas

    I love meditating early in the morning when the sun goes up or late in the afternoon during the sunset by the ocean breeze….

  • Wade

    I would love to meditate at sunrise on a beach in Fiji…

  • Betty kafsloukas

    I love meditating early in the morning when the sun goes up or late in the afternoon during the sunset by the ocean breeze….


  • Ila Sewall

    The place I would love to meditate is by the water!

  • Rachel

    I’d love to use my new zafu to meditate at the ocean, with the sound of the waves as a backdrop and the cool salty breezes keeping me cool.

  • At home, in my yoga room!

  • Chris Phillips

    My favorite place to meditate is on a mountain in Escondido, right outside of Deer Park Monastery. The huge boulders are very comfortable and the hillside below is just wilderness. You can look out over the city and almost to the ocean. The morning and evening are especially beautiful and yet serene. There are trails that lead to and from the mountain for walking meditation also.

  • definitely at the beach.

  • Shikha

    Wooded area….

  • Rebecca Park

    I would love to meditate in the woods surrounded by the trees, with the sunlight filtering through the trees. If only I had something to sir on….

  • Dineen

    My favorite place to meditate is on the beach in the morning. On the beach in Cabo San Lucas was my favorite on the road location so far.

  • meditating oceanside is ideal for me. I own a studio on a busy downtown street. The cars passing by are my ocean waves. Each one unique!

  • Megan Ridgway


  • Keko

    Makaha beach, watching the sun rise over the mountains and the beautiful blue water.

  • Amanda Peterson

    In the mountains near a creek surrounded by trees!

  • Earl

    On the beach, with the sound of the ocean…

  • Hawaii offers a plethora of natural wonders and after living there for a year the greatest place to meditate was at Halona Beach. Nesteled next to the Halona Blowhole which is a natural occurrence formed by molten lava tubes from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. The lava tubes run to the ocean and, when the surf is right, the blowhole shoots water up to 30 feet in the air. Sitting on the beach at Halona hearing the blowhole splash into wonder while sitting off shore in the Halona Beach Cove, also known at the “Peering Place.” It was the perfect mediation place. The surf is calm. The beach is filled with love and wonder and from now and again if you are lucky in the midst of meditating you may have been blessed with the presence of the resident honu (endangered Hawaiian green sea turtle). REMARKABLE!

  • Sabitre

    My ideal meditation location is right here. 😉

  • My ideal meditation location would be anywhere where nothing is between me and the sky above.

  • Allison J

    on the beaches of the california coast – either southern CA, where it’s warm…or crisp in the north coast…

  • H. Marie

    Waves crashing in the distance…

  • Carolyn

    I love any of the state parks in Alabama for meditation. Some have mountains, some have woods and there is one on the Gulf
    Coast. Lovely, lovely nature.

  • My ideal meditation is anywhere so long as there is peace. 🙂

  • My most ideal meditation would be never-ending. It would permeate every waking moment…bliss 🙂

  • My ideal place to meditate would be on a mountain top surrounded by trees and singing birds.

  • Robin

    On the beach in New York

  • I know it’s past the contest date, but just adding in that I’ve never had the chance to meditate on the beach (weird, because I’ve lived on a coast for 13+ years) but I’m going to this October. Excited!

  • cindy

    I meditate at home, but If I could I would love to on a beach.

  • Wow, awesome, I need one! 🙂

  • I really enjoyed reading this blog post

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