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Mega Yoga Flash Mob Planned for NYC’s Grand Central Station August 24th

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Senior Iyengar teacher, author, "peace disturber" Bobby Clennell. photo by Gina de la Chesnaye

UPDATE 8/24: POSTPONED DUE TO POPO (official response below)

Psssst. What are YOU doing Wednesday August 24th between 6 and 7pm? Perhaps strolling the cavernous halls of Grand Central ready to drop into your best corpse pose?

We hear from unnamed sources that there will be others ready to play dead as well! It’s another massive yoga flash mob, this time planned for one of New York’s famed and most trafficked icons, Grand Central Station and rumored as a massive savasana. Hosted by Storm Yoga, a pretty rad organization offering free yoga in NYC, the event is set for next week. WHY?

For you and for the world.  This convergence is a joyful, creative, edgy expression of love, a salute to the explosive kernel of potential within all of us, a bold display of an emerging consciousness that’s built upon focus, presence, and boundless energy.

Well jiggity jig, that sounds fab. If you’re interested in participating, or spreading the word to EVERYONE in the WORLD as loud as you can (but on the down low, of course, because the awesome part of a flash mob is the flash surprise) then check out the Storm Yoga event page on facebook, or head over to their website for the latest details leading up to the flashing*.

*clothes required.


Hello all,

Earlier today I got a call from the Chief of MTA Police.  It seems all that press coverage was ill advised.  He was concerned about Wednesday’s event and threatened “mass arrest.”  After much deliberation we’ve decided to regroup so as to be certain that our flash mob goes down right and doesn’t end with dogs and tasers.

Right now the drawing board is blank and the possibilities are dazzling.  If you are interested in planning for this new event then join us in Bryant Park for a picnic and planning session.  Brainstorm, scheme, dream big, meet fantastic people.  6:30 Today (Wednesday).

Otherwise keep your ears to the ground cause the New One is hush hush.  We have only a date and a promise.  On Friday September 16th an epic yoga flash mob will go down somewhere in NYC and this event will be both BIGGER and BETTER then the one set to go down today.  The bar will be obscenely high, the details highly secretive.  Get pumped and spread the word!

So much love,

–       The Organizing Team

Bummer! But, hey, “disturbing the peace” during rush hour in NYC, even if it’s by peaceful yogis trying to promote peace, is still an MTA commuter headache. Perhaps the rejiggered event will be more organized, or perhaps we all need to work on our yogi mob mental telepathy!

We’ll keep you posted.



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