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Swami Beyondananda: The Kookiest, Most Inspiring ‘Hilareality’ Faker You’ll Ever Meet

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Do you know this man?

“Life is like photography. You use the negative to develop.” —Swami Beyondananda.

A good friend of ours posted this quote on his facebook page recently. What a lovely sentiment! But, Swami Beyond-ananda? Our pal is a bright, positive soul, and a newbie yogi so we figured, hey he must be doing his research and found some obscure, yet enlightening inspiration we’ve somehow never heard of.

Then we Googled.

Or perhaps you recognize him on his vehicle

Meet Swami Beyondananda, the carpet-riding “Cosmic Comic,” the self-described FUNdamentalist who believes in heaven on Earth. And he’s funny! In the Uncle Leicester who always cracks the same knee slappers but it’s somehow endearing and makes you smile every time kind of funny. Also, he’s a total fake. Swami Beyondananda is actually Steve Bhaerman, author, political humorist and creator of an alternative high school in Washington DC.

As Swami B, Steve brings wisdom under the turban of comedy with his website Wake Up Laughing, and his “hilareality” stand-up show which has toured the country. Oh yes, he’s on a mission of cosmi-comical proportions:

Our mission at Wake Up Laughing is to promote awakening and laughter: Awakening to the evolutionary understanding that we are each and all cells in a new super-organism called Humanity, and laughing compassionately about the obstacles we humans have put in our own way.

So, maybe he’s not a real Swami. But we don’t think that really matters. This guy’s got enough one-liners to make you giggle and (more importantly) think a little that we kinda wish he was our uncle! Thanks to our good pal who inadvertently shared this wise gem.

Here are a few clips for your viewing and blissfully distractive pleasure:

Watch an interview with him here. You may only need the first 5 minutes where he gives us the secret of world peace as (war with cream pies and laughing gas).



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